Month: September 2013

Soul mates.

I am fresh out of a nearly three year relationship. My friends are standing beside me coping with the loss of their own lengthy relationships. It’s funny how things work. I can’t say that I am okay with the end of my relationship or that I necessarily want it back. I can fondly recall cozy sundays with dinner and football all the way to hot summer weekends on a speedboat on the lake. Opposite those memories I have some that make me so furious I’m just not sure what to do with myself.

I don’t regret my relationship, I do not wish I had done anything differently and I definitely wouldn’t care to replay it- I simply am thankful that I was given an opportunity to learn and grow. Like any relationship it wasn’t all happy and it wasn’t all bad- it was what it was.

Post breakup I have had some time to reflect on lessons I want to carry throughout my next relationships and certainly every other relationship in my life. I can only keep walls up for so long, life is a long and winding road and love is the prize. (see what I did there? told ya I love to apply song lyrics to my life. hey pretty girl- Kip Moore and don’t wake me up –Avicii) Love IS a prize, its hard and can be ugly but it’s the closest thing we have to magic. I also learned to never lose sight of who I am and what I want. A significant other is an equal or a partner, not someone to create boundaries and hold you back. I’m a girl with big dreams and I intend on doing my best to make all of those dreams a reality.

My time as a single gal has been quite enjoyable- filled with wine, grey goose (disclaimer: grey goose packs a punch and WILL get ya. That’s a promise), dancing and beer pong practice.  I do, however, miss him. I miss him when I’m sick and want to cuddle with a good movie, I miss him when there is a big bug I just can’t get myself, I miss him when I’m hungry and in desperate need of takeout without moving from the couch or opening my wallet, I miss him when I need someone to tell me that I’m not crazy and everything will work out eventually, I miss him on the anniversaries of friends passing and I miss him when I scroll through old pictures I just can’t bring myself to get rid of.

I consider myself one of the most lucky girls in the world to have the support system I did and still have in him. Through fights and mistakes, on my part and his, there isn’t another person I would think to call if I needed help.

In those moments I’m feeling sad or inadequate I have my girl friends. The most amazing, diverse group of friends anyone could ever dream of. We cling to each other and Moscato. Because when you don’t need feelings, you most definitely need wine. I am not expecting my future husband to appear in front of me and I am not expecting my happy ever after anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, my wedding board on Pinterest is my most pinned, but I have so much to accomplish in the world before I become a wife. 

Since I believe that Sex in the City is chock-full of incredible wisdom, I leave you with a quote from Carrie-I believe our girlfriends are our soul mates,” and I do. Without my soul mates, well, I would be one lost soul.

So ladies, here’s to making up, breaking up, good friends and good wine.


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Beauty through the eyes of the bow holder.

Upon starting my junior year of college I have had one question running through my head and it just wont seem to quit.

“When am I required to be a grown up?” 

A little more in depth- when am I too old to wear crop tops? When should I stop buying Hollister jeans and shorts? When am I too old to wear bows? (I love bows.) When do I need to take over all of my bills? How do I even pay bills?

A quote for y’all that I found last night-

When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead. -Hemingway

To this I say: I have fun dancing in the rain, I have fun wearing bows in my hair, I have fun singing off key with my friends, I have fun making poor decisions (sometimes) and I sure as hell have fun nursing a hangover with a funny movie, pizza, cookies and laughs.

Today, I challenge you all to do something for fun.

Happy Monday!


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Fall-ing into a Detox diet.

Fall is here. UGH, I know. Over the next few months we will be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies- impossible-to-say-no-to holiday foods. Sometimes our bodies need a cleanse or “detox” from the chemicals and toxins we put in on a daily basis. After a few months of too much beer, wine and lake water I am going to start a week long detox tomorrow. I hope to make it Monday-Friday eating nothing but fruits, vegetables and vitamins.

Detox diets are definitely easy to confuse however, and usually require a little research if you are going with one you found online. For instance, a few years ago I read about a 3-5 day detox diet in which breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks in between consisted of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Immediately I recognized that my body wouldn’t receive any of the nutrients it needed meaning I wouldn’t get through my workouts or dance classes very easily. I did decide to google the benefits of lemon water though and what I found was surprising. Lemon water is known to boost the immune system, aid in digestion, cleanse your system and reduce inflammation to name a few. (Thank you-  That wasn’t enough to convince me five glasses of lemon water a day for five days was healthy, though. Back to the drawing board for more research and I came up with my own detox diet.

1. Eat clean and eliminate the bad stuff. With the foods we ingest daily, whatever they may be we also ingest hormones, chemicals and toxins. Eating raw foods gives our body the opportunity to get rid of the toxins and replenish with nutrients. Aside from feeling healthier and more energetic it usually has great results with my skin as well! Bonus! For the next week my meals will consist of smoothies and snacks of nuts. Almonds are my favorites. I would say google some green smoothies in order to find the ones with your favorite fruits and veggies! My favorite is as follows-

1/2 cup of frozen strawberries

1/4 cup rasberries

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 cup from chopped spinach

1/4 cup of kale

1 whole banana

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 tsp of flaxseed

2. Workout. This workout could be anything from a brisk walk to a Zumba class. Maybe hot yoga is more your style or some low-key weight lifting. Anything. JUST SWEAT. Sweating along with eating clean will help your body release toxins and refresh from the inside out.

3. Sleep. Sleeping has crazy unpredictable benefits on a healthy body. It’s also something I have never really been very good at. The Huffington Post suggest sleep can benefit your heart, weight and mind.

4. Skin Cleanse. Your skin is the largest organ in the body believe it or not, and is in need of some TLC every now and then as well. I like to use either a sugar or sea salt scrub to rid my skin of dead cells and toxins that may be released by sweating at that gym session! 😉 The scrub should be prior to a shower so the cooties can be washed off and and carried down the drain.

5. Lots and lots of water. This one is pretty self explanatory. Instead of starting my morning with coffee I begin with a tall glass of ice cold water and the lemon juice of half of a lemon.

While a detox diet is difficult at times it is never one that leaves me feeling hungry. The smoothies are large and have enough fruit and veggies to count as a meal. Remember: a detox diet isn’t to lose weight but to keep the body happy and healthy!


Fall favorites!

In more ways than one I am completely and totally a summer girl. I believe that everyone looks better tan, vitamin D makes life wonderful and the beach can cure almost any ailment. However, once I overcome my depression about the impending doom that is winter in New England, I enjoy some of fall.

I love watching football in my patriots blanket with beer and my Dad. I love layers. I love Essie’s fall collection. I love the transition into gold jewelry. I love colorful foliage on the trees.  I LOVE my heated blanket.

Through the summer months I put absolutely no effort into my appearance because I am tan and happy! Get out of the shower throw on some clothes, mascara and call it a day. Oh the simple things. As much as I love that, I also enjoy that colder months open a window of opportunity to makeup and hair styling. Soon, my curling wand and I will reunite to make my hair look naturally curly. We spend many hours together and then I leave the house pretending my hair dries in perfect curls. Sorry Wandy, I know I don’t give you nearly enough credit. Urban Decay’s naked palette can keep any gal entertained for hours, and it does. Think of the possibilities, people. Then there is nail polish. yum. Essie’s Bahama Mama is on my nails 90% of the time. When I get bored I mix it up with a grey or darker champagne color. Just have to make sure the finger nails match the toe nails- even if my toes are in boots all of time. (Obsessive compulsive much?)

Reading, crockpot meals, Tom Brady and fashion are just a few of the reasons I can appreciate the seasons in New England.

I should mention quickly that try as I might not to complain, the second huge snowstorm of the winter will encourage miserable, cold blog posts.



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Case of the sniffles.

I have spent the last three days in bed with a miserable cold. I have done my best to exercise and hang out with my friends but let me tell you, I am not a good time. In the three days I have spent in bed I have come to a few conclusions.

They are as follows:

  1. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. (Am I already a grownup? I hope not.)
  2. I need to save my money to move into an apartment with my friend, Candice.
  3. I need a statement necklace, green jeans and a white blouse for Thanksgiving. I realize I am a little early on that one.
  4. I want to build a gold bracelet collection for the fall and winter months.
  5. I am going to do my best to put aside about 100 dollars for gifts for the less fortunate this holiday season.
  6. Lastly, I need to marry wealthy to keep up with everything I want.

Just kidding one more- I do NOT suggest a glass of wine after cold medicine. yikes.

I wish I had more to share but I haven’t done much other than watch netflix, eat chocolate and take medicine. I am hoping by tomorrow I can go for a LOONG gym session and be almost back to normal. 


…hello, gorgeous.

Today, I’d like to talk about my daily makeup routine. It’s semi-new and I am loving it! I’m sure ya’ll have your own routines but this is inexpensive and the perfect blend. My friends seem to enjoy it. I also have a trick I bet you would never guess. Here goes:


Well- there’s everything!

  1. I wash my face with a three step acne fighting treatment from Avon, Clearskin Professional, that my mom introduced me to about a year ago. I love it. It comes with a mask, a toner and correcting cream/moisturizer. seriously, god send.
  2. Next, I apply Neutrogena healthy skin primer. I was applying this with a brush for a while but I decided my fingers work a little better and it’s quicker. It’s thin and doesn’t feel cakey- also contains SPF 15 if you’re into that. I say bring on the rays but hey, to each their own.
  3. This is the kicker…. cornstarch. SURPRISE! yes, I realize how strange this sounds but it helps my makeup stay in place AND prevents my face from getting oily. It’s perfect for the sticky summer months but I use it throughout every season. I have noticed an improvement with breakouts as well. Let me know what you think! (you’re welcome)
  4. Bronze me, baby. NYC mosaic face powder color wheel in “All Over Bronze Glow.” I apply this with a kabuki brush, not tricks here.
  5. Two faced shadow insurance a little dab on the finger evenly distributed between they eyelids.
  6. My favorite- Naked basics palette. For day-to-day use I sweep my entire lid with the  “foxy” color followed by a half moon type shape on the outside of my eye in “walk of shame” and a smaller moon with the “Naked 2” color. Add the darker brown “Faint” to my crease and outer corner then blend the two with either “Walk of Shame” or “Foxy.” (On days where I wear my sassy pants “foxy” is the obvious choice.)
  7. Usually, I then apply my Sephora liquid liner in “noir black” starting with a thin line in the inner corner and get a little thicker toward the outer corner.
  8. Maybelline Full and Soft for the top lashes.
  9. Sometimes I fill in my eyebrows, with the Naked palette, in the “Faint” color. I top that off with some ELF eyebrow gel. (Three dollars! Can’t go wrong, people.) I then brush a little bit of the palettes “Venus” color under my brow as a highlight.
  10. Nights when I am out painting the town red, I use an angled eyeliner brush to line the bottom of my eye with “crave.” For daytime use I don’t like to wear any liner on the bottom.

Top all of that off with my Urban Decay setting spray and we are good to go!

Most of my makeup is found at CVS and a perfect for me. I didn’t realize how much is involved in my “simple” process until I was typing all of this out- jeez. I promise it doesn’t take more than five minutes when I’m actually applying everything.

If even one lady friend can put any of this to use, I’m a happy camper.