Sharing is Caring.

In the spirit of sharing my favorite things, today I would like to do just that.

So… sometimes I have been known to be a little lazy. Today is definitely one of those days and although I have exactly five more hours to get to the gym before it closes well, I just don’t want to. However, all hope is not lost! I found this cute little YouTube channel entitled “blogilates.” Here you will find my favorite video which just happens to be how to get Victorias Secret abs. Unfortunately, my lack of gym leaves me with limited options for dinner.

I am going to opt for my favorite smoothie:

1/2 cup raspberries

1/4 cup frozen spinach

1/2 cup strawberries

1 whole banana

As much flaxseed and almond milk as it takes to make your heart happy

I will also have a whole wheat and flaxseed tortilla with original humus, iceberg lettuce and chicken. May not be pizza, or ice cream, or tacos but it will keep me looking good.

Auditions Shannon, auditions! 

Next up in the spirit of sharing- Make Up! Yum.

I love make up and I love trying new things. I think that everyone should be happy and healthy in their own skin but let’s be honest, concealing lack of sleep is just so necessary sometimes. I will link below a couple make up channels on YouTube I watch for inspiration! Enjoy Wednesday, ya’ll.

Tess Christine

and my girl, Danielle Hall.



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