…hello, gorgeous.

Today, I’d like to talk about my daily makeup routine. It’s semi-new and I am loving it! I’m sure ya’ll have your own routines but this is inexpensive and the perfect blend. My friends seem to enjoy it. I also have a trick I bet you would never guess. Here goes:


Well- there’s everything!

  1. I wash my face with a three step acne fighting treatment from Avon, Clearskin Professional, that my mom introduced me to about a year ago. I love it. It comes with a mask, a toner and correcting cream/moisturizer. seriously, god send.
  2. Next, I apply Neutrogena healthy skin primer. I was applying this with a brush for a while but I decided my fingers work a little better and it’s quicker. It’s thin and doesn’t feel cakey- also contains SPF 15 if you’re into that. I say bring on the rays but hey, to each their own.
  3. This is the kicker…. cornstarch. SURPRISE! yes, I realize how strange this sounds but it helps my makeup stay in place AND prevents my face from getting oily. It’s perfect for the sticky summer months but I use it throughout every season. I have noticed an improvement with breakouts as well. Let me know what you think! (you’re welcome)
  4. Bronze me, baby. NYC mosaic face powder color wheel in “All Over Bronze Glow.” I apply this with a kabuki brush, not tricks here.
  5. Two faced shadow insurance a little dab on the finger evenly distributed between they eyelids.
  6. My favorite- Naked basics palette. For day-to-day use I sweep my entire lid with the  “foxy” color followed by a half moon type shape on the outside of my eye in “walk of shame” and a smaller moon with the “Naked 2” color. Add the darker brown “Faint” to my crease and outer corner then blend the two with either “Walk of Shame” or “Foxy.” (On days where I wear my sassy pants “foxy” is the obvious choice.)
  7. Usually, I then apply my Sephora liquid liner in “noir black” starting with a thin line in the inner corner and get a little thicker toward the outer corner.
  8. Maybelline Full and Soft for the top lashes.
  9. Sometimes I fill in my eyebrows, with the Naked palette, in the “Faint” color. I top that off with some ELF eyebrow gel. (Three dollars! Can’t go wrong, people.) I then brush a little bit of the palettes “Venus” color under my brow as a highlight.
  10. Nights when I am out painting the town red, I use an angled eyeliner brush to line the bottom of my eye with “crave.” For daytime use I don’t like to wear any liner on the bottom.

Top all of that off with my Urban Decay setting spray and we are good to go!

Most of my makeup is found at CVS and a perfect for me. I didn’t realize how much is involved in my “simple” process until I was typing all of this out- jeez. I promise it doesn’t take more than five minutes when I’m actually applying everything.

If even one lady friend can put any of this to use, I’m a happy camper.



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