Fall favorites!

In more ways than one I am completely and totally a summer girl. I believe that everyone looks better tan, vitamin D makes life wonderful and the beach can cure almost any ailment. However, once I overcome my depression about the impending doom that is winter in New England, I enjoy some of fall.

I love watching football in my patriots blanket with beer and my Dad. I love layers. I love Essie’sย fall collection. I love the transition into gold jewelry. I love colorful foliage on the trees. ย I LOVE my heated blanket.

Through the summer months I put absolutely no effort into my appearance because I am tan and happy! Get out of the shower throw on some clothes, mascara and call it a day. Oh the simple things. As much as I love that, I also enjoy that colder months open a window of opportunity to makeup and hair styling. Soon, my curling wand and I will reunite to make my hair look naturally curly. We spend many hours together and then I leave the house pretending my hair dries in perfect curls. Sorry Wandy, I know I don’t give you nearly enough credit. Urban Decay’s naked palette can keep any gal entertained for hours, and it does. Think of the possibilities, people.ย Then there is nail polish. yum. Essie’s Bahama Mama is on my nails 90% of the time. When I get bored I mix it up with a grey or darker champagne color. Just have to make sure the finger nails match the toe nails- even if my toes are in boots all of time. (Obsessive compulsive much?)

Reading, crockpot meals, Tom Brady and fashion are just a few of the reasons I can appreciate the seasons in New England.

I should mention quickly that try as I might not to complain, the second huge snowstorm of the winter will encourage miserable, cold blog posts.



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