Beauty through the eyes of the bow holder.

Upon starting my junior year of college I have had one question running through my head and it just wont seem to quit.

“When am I required to be a grown up?” 

A little more in depth- when am I too old to wear crop tops? When should I stop buying Hollister jeans and shorts? When am I too old to wear bows? (I love bows.) When do I need to take over all of my bills? How do I even pay bills?

A quote for y’all that I found last night-

When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead. -Hemingway

To this I say: I have fun dancing in the rain, I have fun wearing bows in my hair, I have fun singing off key with my friends, I have fun making poor decisions (sometimes) and I sure as hell have fun nursing a hangover with a funny movie, pizza, cookies and laughs.

Today, I challenge you all to do something for fun.

Happy Monday!


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