Month: October 2013

My gift to you.

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This little video is my gift to you.. I listen to it at the gym and it gives me incredible energy! I use it for abs and sometimes on the treadmill. I actually just can’t get enough and I always feel so sassy. I hope I don’t strut at the gym, that would be embarrassing but I mean you never know. Britney is responsible for things like that.. random strutting.


Boston Strong.

How overwhelming is this week!?


As you can imagine I was jumping around like a crazy person after Koji’s last strike. I love the Red Sox, I love David Ortiz, I love Jacoby Ellsbury, I LOVE Jon Lester and I LOVE BOSTON.  After the marathon in April, I think this win was extremely important to Boston. I have seen the comments in various places on the internet saying “Boston Strong” needs to become a thing of the past. I understand that the new slogan is in direct correlation to an extremely painful day for the city but I love it and I think it is here to stay. Boston responded in a strong and resilient way to the marathon attack and I couldn’t be prouder to be from such an amazing city. I bet you didn’t know the Red Sox started “Boston Strong.” The parade is Saturday morning and I want nothing more than to be able to go however I have rehearsal for a flashmob I am going to be in.  Congratulations Red Sox, you sure are Boston Strong. 

Now, Halloween!

So here’s the thing, I have no plans. I mean I could have plans but I’m an old lady and just going to a party at 11pm with class, gym and nannying tomorrow! yikes. I even have two possible halloween costumes ready to go and I would love to go out. Ugh I am so torn here. I would much rather go out this weekend and I am so hoping for something to do! I’m sure something will come up.. right? Right. The wild are on tonight, I think I will hand out candy to some trick-or-treating munchkins (even though its raining, poor kids) and watch the wild with a bottle of wine. My timehop app showed me a bunch of pictures from my sophomore year of high school this morning and good lord I am SO thankful things have changed. What are y’all being for halloween this year? Whatever it is make sure you’re safe. 



Lazy days.

Occasionally, I wake up in the morning and think there is just NO way I am making it to the gym today. Today is definitely one of those days. I mean I have been up watching the Red Sox for the last three nights, you can’t blame me for having a lazy day.. I hope. You’re supposed to take rest days anywho, I just don’t. So friends, here is a lazy girls guide to fit. (But just for a day.. other than this get to a gym! They’re great.)

  1. Make sure you stick to clean eating. Not eating enough will hurt you in the gym tomorrow but eating too much, primarily fats and sugars, won’t help you accomplish your goal. Here’s what I do-
  • Two scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee for breakfast. okay maybe two but who’s counting?
  • Chobani with a teaspoon of flaxseed and three rolled up slices of turkey from the deli.
  • A smoothie for an afternoon snack. I have noticed that the natural sugar form fruits give me more energy for longer than a coffee. They’re yummy too which helps!
  • Chicken with steamed brocollini (It’s a thing, a delicious thing at that) OR steamed asparagus.

Protein, people. Assuming you love sweets like yours truly I suggest one cup of vanilla ice cream for dessert. Or a handful of Hershey’s kisses.


  1. Quick run outside, doesn’t have to be particularly long or far just get yourself moving and your heart rate up!
  2. 50 squats with hand weights- I use 4lbs because that’s what I have.
  3. 45 second wall sit
  4. Side lunges, 20 on each leg
  5. Forward lunges, 20 on each leg
  6. Just for insurance… 50 more squats! (You will thank me next time you’re in a bathing suit!)
  7. Using hand weights raise your arms out to shoulder height and repeat 70 times. Repeat for a total of 70 raises again to the front.
  8. Bicep curls, 100.
  9. PLANK! 50 seconds.
  10. 15 pushups- lame I know, but I hate them so 15 is good.
  11. 30 regular sit ups, 30 with legs straight up, 30 with legs bent in a table top position, 60 bicycles and 60 russian twists.

Typing all of that out nothing about it really seems “lazy” but it is.  Enjoy your at home workout and let me know how it goes!



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Case of the Mondays.

My alarm goes off at seven o’clock every morning. Now as a typical 21st century slave to technology (I know, I try to get away and I just can’t,) I check my twitter timeline to see what I missed during my beauty sleep. I am such a cliché. What gets me are the “can’t wait to go back to bed” tweets or the “I hate monday” tweets. Somebody, or lots of somebodies for that matter, woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Y’all at least you woke up! The sun is up and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  SMILE. I used to be the worst offender of this. Especially the last few months of high school when I had to wake up to sit in a school that felt like prison. Soo dramatic. Three years later I would give anything to go back. Seriously though, one positive tweet could set the tone for someone else’s day. You just never know.

As for a Monday, don’t sweat the small things and appreciate all the good lord gave ya.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.59.33 PM

If I do say so myself a nice workout to start the day makes me awfully happy and positive! I highly suggest a hot cup of coffee, some scrambled eggs and an hour at the gym. Perfect way to start your day of classes, work or errands.

As for my “Pay it Forward” deed of the day? I paid for a man’s coffee at Starbucks. Definitely made my Monday. What are you going to do?

Enjoy your day! You can’t get it back.


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Ain’t no rest for the wicked.

About fifteen maybe twenty minutes ago I heard a peculiar sound come from my closet. Being the brave soul that I am, I asked my lovely twitter followers to come over and ensure the noise was an article of clothing falling and not a monster. No one responded and I refuse to check myself. Obviously. So here I am at one o’clock in the morning staring at the ceiling and contemplating the meaning of life in hopes the monster won’t smell my fear and come after me.

So far, I have decided that the meaning of life is to enjoy every moment of every day because you never get it back. A minute spent upset is a waste of a minute that could be spent appreciating what you have. With that being said, I am going to take the idea of Boston’s country radio station (Yes, we have one and yes it is amazing) and make Monday’s “Pay It Forward Monday’s.” The goal it to complete one act every Monday which can benefit a stranger or at least create a smile. I hope you will join me!

That is about as much philosophy as I have in my brain it this hour. I need to make myself some sleepytime tea and count sheep. Or ballerinas. To each his/her own, right? Good night and sweet dreams.

PS- GO SOX! The series and tied 2-2 and I am eager to see how it pans out.


Sunday Funday : Boston sports edition.

Happy Sunday in New England! 

Today is the warmest it has been for the last week, a balmy 59 degrees! I am talking frost on the windshield and layers upon layers. I just don’t understand how the weather changes from fall to winter over night. That’s New England, for you. I recently added my heated blanket to my bed and it is absolutely magical. I started my day by heading to the gym and accomplishing close to nothing. Four miles on the elliptical and a few abs and leg machines. It’s a sunday and even changing out of pajamas is a miracle, lemme tell ya. Now you can find me with the Patriots with some coffee. Perfect, I love snuggling on the couch with the Patriots.

If you weren’t aware already the Red Sox are in the WORLD SERIES. Now, I have been a Red Sox fan for as long as I can remember- so unlike these bandwagon fans I am thrilled with this and am determined to watch every moment of every game. Game one started with some terrible fielding and plays by the Cardinals resulting in over confident Sox fans. The Cardinals are a far better team than how they played in game one and have come back to prove just that. Last night- UGH. I don’t know where to start. Mistakes were made, playing was good but not great and then the final play to end the game in the bottom of the 9th is controversial and stupid. Find the video here for reference. I just don’t understand this obstruction call and it makes my blood BOIL. He was OUT. What is Middlebrooks not allowed to respond to a fall like a normal person? ugh. We need to let this be motivation for tonights game and tie up the series. I am banking on a parade. 

I am also spending my Sunday researching some moisturizers. I’m not sure why but my skin has been gross lately and I don’t know what to do with it! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I’m off to make some cookies for tonights game. Enjoy your Sunday Funday however you may be spending it and most important: GO SOX!


Up and at em’

Over the last few weeks I have been doing my best to get my butt back in shape. Daily gym trips, lots of protein and as many dance classes as I can weasel myself into. I just recently took my first contemporary class in awhile and it felt AMAZING. Seriously, so great. Now I am eating lots of protein and trying to avoid the sugars and fats. Yanno #eatingclean… lol just kidding, kinda. I am seeing some small changes but I am definitely impatient and hoping I am going to wake up one morning looking like a Victorias Secret model.

I’ve been spending a lot of time nannying- the new baby is just adorable and I love her. Dream starts soon and I am modeling which means I get to wear prom dresses frequently.. what? you mean I get to wear a prom dress, with pretty hair and makeup AND get paid. Alright.. I’ll be there.

Well, I’m off to the gym. Hoping to do a 5K on the treadmill- wish me luck.  Then I think I will reward myself with a tanning package and Starbucks.

Have a great Friday!