27 Things White Girls Love More Than Starbucks

Well, if this isn’t perfection- I don’t know what is.

Thought Catalog

1. Having Twitter bios that are like “Lover. Traveler. Yoga addict. Cappuccino Connoisseur.”

2. Getting really excited at the prospect of cardigan weather, and identifying said temperatures as “cardigan weather.”

3. Saying “don’t mind if I do” as you daintily take a sample at the grocery store.

4. Finding little coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks that also have Pumpkin Spice syrup, so that you can get all of the PSL swag without having to go somewhere quite as corporate as Starbucks.

5. Snacking on shit while grocery shopping with complete impunity, because no one’s going to yell at you for opening or consuming things you haven’t paid for yet.

6. Fishtail braids.

7. Giving the cop who pulls you over that “I didn’t realize that I was doing 20 over the speed limit whilst blowing through red lights, not lil’ ol’ me, never!” look, and then proceeding to get off…

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