State of hockey.

First and foremost I would like to apologize for my blogging absence. It has been a busy week filled with the gym, ballet classes and some detox diet cheating. Not terrible cheating, but cheating none-the-less. I did sneak in a Thought Catalog reblog that is definitely worth the read. TC has had some amazing articles this week and I just can’t get enough.

Today, Thursday October 3rd, has been amazing. Similar to Christmas morning actually- no, not because it is famous for its Mean Girls quote. (Side note: My various social network timelines were only littered with a handful of quotes this year which is quite impressing compared to years past.) Okay so you’re probably wondering why today has been so great, right? HOCKEY! My two favorite teams, the Bruins and the Wild, both played in their home openers tonight. I am a huge sports girl but hockey is definitely my favorite. I originally enjoyed it for the fights, which is strange because I hate any form of fighting in any other arena. On March 17, the wild will be playing the Bruins IN BOSTON. St. Patty’s day and my favorite guys playing hockey all on the same day? Lord help me. I’m not going to know what to do with myself. I mean except celebrate all day and head to the game at night… duh.The B’s just won- 3-1. Two fights. Wild are currently tied but I am such a happy camper. This is so wonderful.

Other news… I spent waay too much money this week, probably because I was stressed and it makes me feel better. Retail therapy? Don’t mind if I do. I purchased lots of vitamins (for my new strict gym regimen, which by the way- OUCH.) I also purchased a sweater, a necklace and a blouse. I can’t wait to show ya’ll when they come in!

I hope everyone has a fantastic night and I promise to be better about my blogging. Maybe a little less distracted, too!


Update: Wild just lost in a shootout. Win some, ya lose some. Either way, life is good today. (ZBB)


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