Lazy days.

Occasionally, I wake up in the morning and think there is just NO way I am making it to the gym today. Today is definitely one of those days. I mean I have been up watching the Red Sox for the last three nights, you can’t blame me for having a lazy day.. I hope. You’re supposed to take rest days anywho, I just don’t. So friends, here is a lazy girls guide to fit. (But just for a day.. other than this get to a gym! They’re great.)

  1. Make sure you stick to clean eating. Not eating enough will hurt you in the gym tomorrow but eating too much, primarily fats and sugars, won’t help you accomplish your goal. Here’s what I do-
  • Two scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee for breakfast. okay maybe two but who’s counting?
  • Chobani with a teaspoon of flaxseed and three rolled up slices of turkey from the deli.
  • A smoothie for an afternoon snack. I have noticed that the natural sugar form fruits give me more energy for longer than a coffee. They’re yummy too which helps!
  • Chicken with steamed brocollini (It’s a thing, a delicious thing at that) OR steamed asparagus.

Protein, people. Assuming you love sweets like yours truly I suggest one cup of vanilla ice cream for dessert. Or a handful of Hershey’s kisses.


  1. Quick run outside, doesn’t have to be particularly long or far just get yourself moving and your heart rate up!
  2. 50 squats with hand weights- I use 4lbs because that’s what I have.
  3. 45 second wall sit
  4. Side lunges, 20 on each leg
  5. Forward lunges, 20 on each leg
  6. Just for insurance… 50 more squats! (You will thank me next time you’re in a bathing suit!)
  7. Using hand weights raise your arms out to shoulder height and repeat 70 times. Repeat for a total of 70 raises again to the front.
  8. Bicep curls, 100.
  9. PLANK! 50 seconds.
  10. 15 pushups- lame I know, but I hate them so 15 is good.
  11. 30 regular sit ups, 30 with legs straight up, 30 with legs bent in a table top position, 60 bicycles and 60 russian twists.

Typing all of that out nothing about it really seems “lazy” but it is.  Enjoy your at home workout and let me know how it goes!



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