Boston Strong.

How overwhelming is this week!?


As you can imagine I was jumping around like a crazy person after Koji’s last strike. I love the Red Sox, I love David Ortiz, I love Jacoby Ellsbury, I LOVE Jon Lester and I LOVE BOSTON.  After the marathon in April, I think this win was extremely important to Boston. I have seen the comments in various places on the internet saying “Boston Strong” needs to become a thing of the past. I understand that the new slogan is in direct correlation to an extremely painful day for the city but I love it and I think it is here to stay. Boston responded in a strong and resilient way to the marathon attack and I couldn’t be prouder to be from such an amazing city. I bet you didn’t know the Red Sox started “Boston Strong.” The parade is Saturday morning and I want nothing more than to be able to go however I have rehearsal for a flashmob I am going to be in.  Congratulations Red Sox, you sure are Boston Strong. 

Now, Halloween!

So here’s the thing, I have no plans. I mean I could have plans but I’m an old lady and just going to a party at 11pm with class, gym and nannying tomorrow! yikes. I even have two possible halloween costumes ready to go and I would love to go out. Ugh I am so torn here. I would much rather go out this weekend and I am so hoping for something to do! I’m sure something will come up.. right? Right. The wild are on tonight, I think I will hand out candy to some trick-or-treating munchkins (even though its raining, poor kids) and watch the wild with a bottle of wine. My timehop app showed me a bunch of pictures from my sophomore year of high school this morning and good lord I am SO thankful things have changed. What are y’all being for halloween this year? Whatever it is make sure you’re safe. 




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