A pet peeve of mine and something I find extremely frustrating is competition or “one uppers.” You know the people I am talking about- they always feel the need to make their experiences better or worse than yours. They have more reason to be happy or more reason to upset. One of the two. I dislike that so much. Everyone has the ability to feel differently about the things they may be expereincing. Emotions, while they may be shared by many, are felt individually and it is perfectly fine. For instance, my cousin Katherine and I are the same age, with many of the same opinions and are extremely close. I appreciate her and value her advice more than most. When our grandparents passed away we were both grieving, however, I could be found crying significantly more frequently than Katherine. That doesn’t mean I loved them greater than she did or I had a better relationship, I just dealt with the situation differently. Neither is right nor wrong, it just is.

It frustrates me that someone could take a personal situation and turn it into something about themselves. I recently was talking to a group of people about stress. While I tend to be a semi-private person about my personal life I chose to share a relatively low-key subject to bring into conversation. I understood and recognized that it wasn’t a big deal, and surely I have stresses much bigger but it seemed to fit and was on my mind. I received a response which basically told me I was ridiculous and the other persons life was far more stressful. This is what I think: who cares. If I feel comfortable enough to confide in someone than I would hope for a warm, positive reception. I absolutely love giving my opinion and helping friends work through issues if they ask but find it so frustrating that anyone thinks they can dictate how another person feels. Sure, we all have moments that we know we are upset and shouldn’t be but who cares? We feel the way we do and nothing can change that.

I am sorry for the rant, I try not to do this. I would much rather keep everything positive and am much happier thinking positively about those around me. I am guilty for occasionally thinking someone is ridiculous for complaining about whatever they may be, but who am I to judge. I hope everyone can do their best to remember everyone has a right to feel the way that they do and it’s okay. Everyone comes from different walks of life and you can never full judge until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. Sorry again. I hope everyone is having a fantastic and relaxing weekend. 



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