Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

I am loving today because I am having the laziest day ever. Which is extremely necessary after this weekend, especially yesterday. I’ll tell you about that in a minute. Today: Thank you to a World Series victory, Dunkin Donuts is holding free iced coffee day! In order to receive your complimentary victory coffee simply download the DD app onto your phone and look under the “offers” tab. So cool. Thank you Dunks and the Sox. I am spending my lazy Monday relaxing, running some errands, going to the gym and of course picking up my free coffee. I’m also in the middle of updating to iOS7- a bit delayed I know but I have been planning on purchasing a 5S just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyways, we’re going on about fifteen minutes and my phone is still a black screen with a white apple and absolutely no progress whatsoever. Officially nervous.

Moving on. Yesterday we celebrated my cousin’s baby shower! It was in a beautiful restaurant overlooking a bay littered with sail boats. There was a massive bowl of white wine sangria which was absolutely delicious. I had a bit more than my fair share but hey, I was having a lovely day with my amazing family.


Gator cupcakes for the “little gator” they were delicious!



This would be my cousin and the babies godmother after a few glasses of Sangria.

Last but not least- the amazing and beautiful women in my family. I love them more than words can describe. However, we are missing one cousin, my partner in crime.


Post baby shower I took a brief nap, grabbed myself a Dunks latte and consumed a few too many beers with some good friends and a whole lot of flip cup. I would say it was an extremely successful weekend however, my body is hating me today. I think I should eat green vegetables all week to make up for all the alcohol I consumed yesterday. Yuck.

I am off to hit the gym, run some errands and find something to pay it forward today. My phone is finally on and updated! Hooray!

Enjoy this beautiful fall Monday!



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