The reality of a twenty-something.

This Friday is my half birthday. Yes, that is most certainly a thing- and yes, I plan to celebrate. Any excuse, right? In my (almost) half year of being twenty, I have learned a few things. I still have more questions than answers but who doesn’t? I would love to meet the gal to tell me she has her life in order at 20. If you happen to reading this at 19, your 20th birthday is as horrible as you are expecting. You are officially OLD, no longer a teenager but an adult. One that is required to start growing up without any of the perks. i.e.: ordering a drink with dinner or watching a big game at a bar. Also, I do realize that I have only 6 months experience and I can’t speak for everyone but….

  1. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or practice being Martha Stewart in hopes to become a great housewife. If you like food and don’t mind trying new things and cleaning some dishes, more power to you. If you are happier with take out or a bowl of cereal- you do you.
  2. Okay, I know I said it earlier 20 is old. But. It’s not like too-adulty-old. Meaning, there is so much time between right now and settling down. Don’t look for a husband and don’t hope for a relationship in every guy you fall across. You will find someone when you least expect it and everything WILL fall into place. Until that happens dance on bars, drink too much with your friends, travel and do anything and everything you want just because you can.
  3. I realize Pinterest is the bible for most of us. Reality however, is this: You will never be a super fit, yogi, running-lover with an excellent diet who can make delicious, perfectly decorated cupcakes while being extremely fashion forward and own anything and everything from Barneys. And it’s okay.
  4. You’re going to have bad days- and sometimes, you aren’t going to want to hear things could be worse. It won’t help because your day sucks and that’s all that matters.
  5. Lastly, for now at least, ย you can leave high school but that doesn’t mean anyone has grown up. You will encounter the mean girls anywhere and everywhere regardless of age. Although this time, at 20, you know they suck and aren’t worth your time. Poor bitchy souls.

Enjoy imperfection, ladies!



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