Gift of giving.

Happy Friday!

I am feeling so much better today and the verdict on my blood work…. Anemia. Easy enough to take care of and it appears as though I am already doing better. I made it to the gym this morning for a full work out AND I feel like I can make it through the rest of the day without a nap. I am seriously so excited to feel almost completely normal again that I treated myself to some breakfast for lunch and Scandal.


Scrambled eggs, home fries and white toast. I know, not a complex carb but yummy nonetheless.Β It’s from a delicious little breakfast place ten minutes from my house and I can’t get enough!

My mom recently started a new job and is absolutely loving it. The other night she was explaining a tradition where they hang little ginger bread men on a tree in the kitchen, each with the name of a child in need of Christmas presents. Naturally, I HAD to to be apart of this. I mean yes, all of this talk about Christmas and decorations and music is stressing me out considering it is only November 8th but I do love the spirit of Christmas and giving. This will be my start.


So cute. Her name is Lindsey and she is two and a half. Ahh! I love this, I am without a doubt going to go totally crazy with this but that is quite alright. I get to make a little girl smile on Christmas and I feel incredibly lucky.

I hope y’all enjoy this lovely Friday!



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