This post needs to come with a warning so here it is: this is a debate I have been having with myself and is especially strong right now. This post will undoubtedly be all over the place so bare with me.

I spent my morning going to class and then to the gym. I took a shower and washed my face using a mask as my skin has been giving me some trouble lately. The rest of my day I will be nannying and possibly hanging out with some friends after. My debate: To wear makeup or not? It is one of those days where I think make up would give me a little confidence and energy boost that I need. We can’t be expected to feel great about ourselves all of the time.Β However, I think that my skin may need the break and I also like to challenge myself on days like today, especially, to leave the house sans makeup. For me, it is important to make sure my friends know that they should always feel good about themselves despite what they may be wearing or their makeup. The problem comes into play when I am better at giving advice than taking it.

The counterpart to my debate is: What is wrong with putting a little extra effort into ones appearance daily? Obviously, getting ready for an event or a night out with friends requires make up and a cute outfit but why not just a little primping on a day to day basis or on days where you just need that extra dose of confidence. I guess it comes down to the day, and I think I sound kind of crazy here but I can’t decide which is the best policy.

I feel strongly that someone should be comfortable with the skin they’re in at all times. I also feel strongly that everyone should take proper care of themselves which means exercising, skin care and an effort in their appearance. However, I don’t think that comes down to a full face of makeup daily. Personality can outshine a smokey eye any day in my opinion.

Basically, I am torn. Do you have an opinion? Furthermore- can you tell me I’m not crazy?



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