Ideal Christmas list.

Well friends, Santa is coming. Just the other night my dad asked me to compile a small Christmas list keeping in mind that my he and Mom had already found two “pretty big gifts” for this year. Hold on, wait a minute..what? I haven’t asked for anything and am even more sure I haven’t hinted at wanting anything other than a trip to Aruba. As you can imagine, I have already started picturing myself on a beach and organizing my bathing suits in my head. Here’s to hoping Christmas morning isn’t a slight bummer when I don’t receive said trip.

Anyways- My Christmas list is as follows!


So I mean yes- I know this is kind of a mom jacket but when I am nannying I am kind of a mom. Do you have any idea how cold the playground was yesterday? So cold. North Face is my solution to keeping warm!


Hunters please. I mean this is New England, everyone needs some nice rain boots to wear with leggings and boot socks. I am not entirely sure which color I would like – any input? I am thinking with a long black jacket like the one pictured above, a bright color would be fun!


MAC’s Rebel lipstick. It’s official, I’m obsessed. A red lip will help me take over the world.


WEN! It’s kind of pricey but seems well worth it. I definitely wouldn’t mind a little Christmas morning hair care. If you haven’t heard much about the product- here is an awesome overview.

I’m not entirely sure what is going on but I can’t upload a picture of the Ray Ban’s I would like into this post. I am super frustrated but those finish out the list for the most part.

Asking for Christmas gifts is always kind of difficult for. It’s really important to me to give to those who are less fortunate. I love giving gifts to loved ones but am even happier to make someone,who otherwise may not receive much, smile. Β I am certainly not expecting all of the items on my list and tend to feel guilty if I get too much. I love material items (duh) but waking up to a family and warm home on Christmas is the best gift. It’s hard to fathom, but some don’t even have that. Without a doubt- I am one very lucky gal.

What’s on your wish list this year?



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