A few thoughts for Lululemon.

As a dancer and fitness lover, I just so happened to fall in love with Lululemon products. Lululemon, while overpriced, was a great quality brand for athletic gear. Upon making a purchase, I reminded myself that Lulu products would last longer than the rest- despite the wear or washes, I was guaranteed a solid chunk of time with quality clothing. Aside from the quality, Lululemon makes “fashionable” or good looking yet extremely functional work out attire. I realize that it can sound silly to some, but I still feel that when I look my best I always give more effort. Therefore, a No Limits Tank and some Wunder Unders from Lulu make for a more productive workout in my opinion. Call me crazy, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Recently, I have been less than pleased with the reviews I have read from Lulu and stayed away from their pants or crops. I have read that the pants have become sheer and are starting to pill at the thighs rather quickly. Definitely not matching up to the company’s quality criteria. Straight off the website– “lululemon’s assured quality level is the highest in the industry and it’s our job to ensure every product is made to its truest form.” Well, that hasn’t exactly been the case. Upon accusation of decreasing quality the CEO of the company made a comment that some women’s bodies may not be made for the product and the “pilling” is in direct correlation to thighs rubbing together and the pressure. First things first, I do not hate all of this. I absolutely think that certain body types are not cut out for spandex. I realize that opinion can come off harsh to some but it’s one in the same with bikini’s on the beach. Just because you can find one in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it. With that being said, it is unrealistic to think that the majority of Lululemon’s customers have thighs that don’t touch. I think that if Lululemon’s market was just to size 0 girls, they wouldn’t be the corporation they are today. Actually, I would be willing to make a bet that Lululemon sells most of their clothing, pants especially, in the size range from 6-10. Suggesting the CEO, Chip Wilson, was referring to women needing a “thigh gap” to wear their clothing is a bit much but I also think in saying what he did he pissed off a lot of loyal customers.

Lululemon’s target market is to fitness enthusiasts. Most enthusiasts are all muscle, which makes it nearly impossible for their thighs to not touch- at least a little bit. What upsets me most is that Lululemon would blame their decreasing product quality on the body shape of a women. It’s called taking responsibility for the product and fixing the areas that need help.  This “thigh gap” concept is something that has been bothering me for a while. Size 0 is not healthy, muscle and being fit is. So while I don’t think Mr. Wilson was telling women they need a thigh gap I think he had no regard for the average womens body. I hope that Lululemon takes this opportunity to better their clothing and come up with a campaign about fit living. They have alienated many customers with these comments and need to find a way to get them back.

Again, this is just my opinion.  I can’t say that I will never purchase Lululemon again but it won’t be for a while. I would rather spend 15 dollars at TJ Max on yoga pants that I know will pill rather than risking 70+ on pants that still may. What’s your opinion on all of this chaos?



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