Friday cheer.

The weather today is terrible. Dark, rainy, cold and an overall grossness. Therefore, I decided to brighten up the day by watching some Scandal after class. I just started and HIGHLY suggest it. Oh my lordy I wish I was Olivia Pope. She is a boss bitch. I can’t believe I just seriously said that, but it’s true.Β Anywho I have some coffee and some Scandal but I need to run off to nannying in about…. three minutes. Whoops! Just some fun things for today, I did my every day make up look before and after! However, I decided today that I need to return my Sephora CC cream. It looks really cakey up close and personal and I don’t like to look like I’m wearing face make up.

IMG_4053 IMG_4056

And my outfit from yesterday-

IMG_4036 IMG_4037

Boots- Madden Girl/ leggings- Victorias Secret/ tank- Target/ white zip up- Target (forever ago)/ Flannel- Target

Enjoy your Friday!



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