Hello there! Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING! I am seriously so excited, I love Thanksgiving so much. I can’t wait to see my family AND my friends are all home from school! Today I am headed to lunch with my friends Elizabeth and Lauren. Lauren actually competed in Miss Massachusetts this weekend and did an incredible job. My first pageant experience was interesting but a lot of fun. I couldn’t help but envy the girls who are both confident and strong enough to compete in a beauty pageant! They were all in such amazing shape and so beautiful so naturally I got to feeling guilty about how lazy I have been lately. Oh well. Also, I realized if my blog is something you have read more than once you probably think I don’t get dressed up or wear real clothes. So this is what I wore on Saturday night for the preliminary competition.


I am standing like a man, I know. That never happen but obviously the one time I’m sharing a picture I look like a boy. Awesome.

I have to go get ready for lunch right now and then make some cupcakes. I should be posting again today and I will certainly let you know how the cupcakes come out. Pray for me.



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