Month: December 2013

So close, yet so far.

Good Morning, Wednesday. I’m not entirely sure I am ready for you just yet but here you are.  I can only hope you won’t be too crazy. Maybe go a little easy on me for at least a few hours? However, after peeking outside I know that isn’t exactly the case. I have a solid six inches of snow to clean off of my car before I can get anywhere. If getting married would promise I never had to clean my car off again, I would say sign me up. Not to say I can’t take care of myself but my goodness do I hate cleaning off my car. Wednesday also drags along four days of work keeping me from now and Vacation. I’m ready for Vacation. Be good to me, Wednesday.

Tuesday brought a snow day, Chipotle, Christmas movies and my some quality time with this beauty.



I love Christmas trees. Tuesday also brought the publication of my Thought Catalog article here. I was super excited and my family was really supportive of it which always feels great! So I am off to eat something and dream about being knee deep in the water somewhere opposed to knee deep in the snow in Massachusetts.



Weekend Shenanigans.

Want to hear a secret? Of course you do, everyone loves secrets. Anyways, when I have had one or two  three or four adult beverages, my friends tend to call me “Shenanigans.” As you can imagine I can sometimes get myself into interesting situations, never trouble, but who does’t like to have fun? This weekend doesn’t really contain drunken tricks though. Sorry to disappoint.

Moving on.

Saturday my parents and I went to the Pops to see their Christmas show. For those of you not from Boston, they are a symphony orchestra accompanied by an adult choir. Basically for two hours you sit and listen to all of your holiday favorites. Yes please. The only issue is I always have choreography dancing through my head, therefore there isn’t much relaxing and listening, as much as twitching and listening. Sorry not sorry. On the same page, apparently Dad’s don’t like it when you ignore their phone calls because the choreography in your head is just too good to be interrupted. I’m not sorry about that either. Anyways a few pictures from Saturday

Boston Pops IMG_4234


Okay the first is of a Red Sox pitcher from the 2007 World Series team, Hideki Okajima, doing his best to conduct the orchestra. For those of you wondering- yes, the Sox have won three titles in 9 years. To the right, a picture of the crazy snow storm outside the window of my favorite restaurant on the harbor. That picture is awful but when Santa brings me my new iPhone 5S for Christmas I will be equipped to provide you with much better pictures.

Sunday I attended a cute production of the Nutcracker. While the production itself was small and somewhat unorganized it was definitely endearing and the kids definitely worked hard for the end result. Besides, some of the mishaps were the best part! My outfit for this shindig was actually my favorite part, I broke the rules of fashion and wore white jeans. I’m obviously a rebel, duh.

IMG_4239 IMG_4251


I was going for the J.crew model look. Success? Probably not but a girl can dream. The bottom picture was my first ever selfie posted to instagram. So.damn. scary. If you would like to be my friend on Instagram and make my Christmas- @smurphy58. Possibly twitter and make me even happier? @pearls_sass. All are welcome, but really.

Alright and finally we are left with today, Monday. I know not really the weekend but work with me here. I would like to introduce you all to the little man who has completely and totally stolen my heart, CJ.



Try to tell me he isn’t the most precious baby you have ever laid eyes on and I will tell you you’re the biggest liar ever. I met him today and fell head over heels in love. I should mention that on my first attempt to meet him I texted my cousin and received “This is the wrong number but thanks for calling my children adorable hahaha.” AWKWARD. I couldn’t make this shit up people. These are just the unfortunate events that plague spice up my life.

This was my weekend. Tonight? Tea and both The Santa Clause 1 & 2. Anyone else think Charlie is awkwardly old in the second one and Lucy is too old to be a new character? Whatever, these are some of my favorites and that isn’t going to change.



Favorite things Friday!

Good Morning, Friday! It is so nice to see you again. Really, I have been waiting for you all week and you are finally here. A little more wonderful news? Sure! I have today off. Which means I have super-important-top-secret Christmas missions to complete. I would shed some light on said missions but you just never know who’s lurking around these parts.

How about just a tiny bit more good news? Just kidding. This is Fantastic news! My cousin, had a studly little bundle of cuddles last night! At five pounds and three ounces, he was born at 10:03 pm. The weirdo that I am can’t stop thinking about the poor kid in middle school when the thing is “well, what time were you born? Are you actually even (insert some awkward pre-pubescent age here) yet?” Then my little stud muffin is going to be all upset because he will have to answer with a no and some late-night hour. Well you know what CJ? (whoops- that’s his name. CJ. I mean technically Camden James but how cute is CJ!?) I say, all day is your birthday, hell, if you want a birthday week? You are technically a Murphy, so you are entitled to that.

I digress.

Without further ado, my list of the items that got me through this week! I should point out that I am leaving out a couple items, but I mean, how much can you mention wine in one blog? Meh, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know the answer I know I already do it too much. Judge me.

ONE.// Starbucks Peppermint Mocha- This is a great edition to any day. If you haven’t tried any Starbs holiday drinks, you’re missing out. Pick one up for a smile from the inside out. LOL, I could be a hallmark card.



TWO.// For the cold nights? Hot Chocolate with Molly’s Irish Cream. Talk about a cup of holiday cheer. Big girl hot chocolate for me any day. Try this too and thank me later. Paired perfect with this big girl holiday cheer? My next favorite.



THREE.// ELF. Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color? I just love to smile, smiling is my favorite. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  Yep, that’s all.



FOUR.// Longchamp Le pliage bag. I recently broke out the big guns for Christmas shopping, I needed fashionable storage space for all of my money (joke), presents and all of the other shit I seem to collect. Hey, I am only human. A girl at that.


FIVE.// My laptop. She’s the best, so dependable and always there to listen to me. She has helped discover a few things this week. My favorite blog: Erin’s Two Thirds Hazel.  My favorite dance of the week: MDC Stay. (Note their age- 14. This is when dancer friends curl up in a ball and wonder what went wrong for their own dance careers.)

Hoping you all enjoy a wonderful Friday! I am off to start my top secret holiday shopping!


Wine Down Wednesday.

Do you ever have those days (or weeks) where nothing seems to go right? Where the world is conspiring against you and you feel like a tower of cards just waiting to collapse? Well, tonight I collapsed. I cried way harder and uglier than any girl should but am feeling much better now. I am now “wining” down in bed with Nashville and some Merlot. In order to keep myself sane I am going to talk myself into everything that is okay. Care to come along for the ride?

Oh. First. I lost my favorite Tiffany ring in the snow yesterday and have officially cried over it five times in 24 hours. My parents bought me that ring for my sixteenth birthday and I have worn it everyday for the last four and a half years. Heartbroken doesn’t begin to describe it. Go ahead call me dramatic- I don’t care. Losing my ring is NOT okay.

ONE.// It’s okay that I was trying to eat healthy this week and immediately ran for the bottle of wine after my breakdown.

TWO.// It’s okay that my Dad is complaining I haven’t provided an adequate wish list for Christmas and then shot down the two items I really really wanted. He’s just trying to make me happy. I think.

THREE.// It’s okay that it is going to snow this weekend. You live in New England, Shannon. Deal with it.

FOUR.// It’s okay that I look at engagement rings like it’s my job. I am no where close to marriage but a girl can dream right? In case my future husband is reading – I like Tiffany & CO.

FIVE.// It’s okay that I wore my pajamas to work today and did nothing more than brush my teeth. Nope, I did not brush my hair today and I’m not sorry. I was sad and feeling sick. Appreciate me.

SIX.// It’s okay that I spent way too much money via today. Christmas presents make people smile and that is my favorite.

SEVEN.// It’s okay that nothing I am getting for Christmas this year is a surprise. I am blessed enough to receive anything at all and that is what is important.

EIGHT.// It’s okay that girls from high school have been so nasty to me. I know I am better because I don’t say nasty things to or about people.

Thanks for listening assuming you made it this far. If it is? Bless you. Have a great rest of your week!


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Let’s chat- VS fashion show edition.

GOOD LORD! How many of you were at the gym this morning, ladies? (I was not but only because I woke up this morning with a migraine like no other.) I am sure the gym was packed with girls feeling inadequate, filled with hope that after one cardio session paired with some light lifting they would be the next VS angels. I think starting a workout regimen inspired by the angels is a pretty good thing actually. Those woman are in amazing shape and work so hard to maintain their bodies. Working out and eating well is one thing but are you willing to give up pizza, bagels and cheeseburgers? I didn’t think so. Realize the angels are super genetically blessed and they don’t get to PMS with chocolate and french fries. Sucks.

Here were a couple of my favorite looks from the show last night :

slide_325343_3116756_free slide_325343_3116781_free the-show-featured-dozens-of-models-in-a-25-minute-time-span

The colors, the costuming, wings and the makeup. gorgeous. What about those tans and tones muscles? We obviously can’t forget the $10 million fantasy bra worn by Candice Swanepoel. I’ll take one please, as well as those abs and legs. Thank you, Santa.


I like Candice because she is a natural beauty. Other than the bra which speaks for itself she looks like she is walking down the street on any given day and is totally rocking it. Oooh kill em.

Another successful show for Victoria’s Secret. The music, costuming and energy is always so wonderful. So ladies, if you began a workout regimen or diet this morning after watching- do it for yourself, no one else. Enjoy calories in moderation, christmas cookies (try for moderation but I mean.. who can really control themselves with cookies?) and most of all be happy with yourself. Regardless of what size you are I bet you could put on a damn good show in your underwear to Trouble by TSwift. Am I right?


Everything happens for a reason.

I know what you’re thinking. I couldn’t come up with a better title? Anything more original? Nope. My post today is something a little outside the framework of what I usually write about. While this is a pretty personal post for me it was inspired by recent experiences my friends have had. Today, I have decided to post about the different emotions faced when a loved one passes away.

My first experience with death came in eighth grade. While I had two months to prepare for my grandfathers passing, it hit me like a high speed train. After his passing I told myself a million times over that he was comfortable now, no longer sick and always watching over me. For me, I not only like, but need to believe that there is a life after death. I need to believe that I am being watched over and someone is looking out for me. I realize not everyone understands this or feels this way but it is a much needed coping mechanism for me. As an eighth grade girl it was beyond heartbreaking to see my Dad, his brothers, my older cousins and my Nana crying. I feel so lucky to have had the innocence of not dealing with death until eighth grade because that is exactly what it is. For me, that first death of a loved one was the cold, harsh realization of the real world and how difficult it can be.

The passing of a grandparent is never easy, but easier. I can say this in confidence because from a young age we know that at some point we are all going to pass away. We understand that sickness and old age result in death and that, is the circle of life.

What about when you are faced with an untimely death? Recently I have watched two friends lose family and friends to car accidents. Something that can’t be planned for. Just a piercing, unimaginable phone call, usually at an ungodly hour  followed by an earth shattering, confusing pain.

My first experience with untimely death- it’s August 15th it at 1:14 in the morning. I was watching Wedding Crashers in bed anticipating the start to my senior year of high school in just two weeks. As I start to get sleepy I check my twitter (on my silver verizon enV.. I wasn’t allowed to be online with it. oops!)  one final time before I drift off to sleep. I see a tweet which read “RIP wolfie” WHAT? what is my crazy friend Brendan up to now? He must have fallen skateboarding again and broken some bone. Jeez I hope he’s okay. I keep scrolling and I see another one. This time from my friend Sarah. And then another, and another.

My stomach drops, my heart starts beating out of my chest and the temperature seems to rise a hundred degrees in the matter of seconds.

I called Sarah, her voice shakey when she finally manages “hello?” “What happened to Brendan?I fired off. “He passed away” Sarah responded. (I took a deep breath in and my world began to spin.) “How?” I asked reluctantly, but I knew. I knew he was unhappy and I knew he had been in a tough spot. Never did I think he would act on it. “He killed himself, Shan” she said in a voice I can’t describe. She knew she was delivering news that would alter my life for good.

I’m not entirely sure if I said good bye before hanging up the phone or if I just hung up, in any case my world would never be the same.

The next few days I spent waiting for my jokester friend to jump out from behind a bush or something with a devlish smile announcing it was all a joke. That moment never came. The wake came and went and it was a numb feeling like nothing I could ever imagine.

After his death, friends and family were trying to comfort me in telling me “everything happens for a reason.” While I knew they were just trying to help me cope with a difficult situation this statement made me so angry. There was NO reason someone should pass away by their own hand. Especially not a seventeen year old that so many had so much love for. What reason could there possibly be? It was senseless and wrong.

Fast forward three years and here I am. I’m strong, I love more than I ever did before, I make decisions based on the knowledge that I am going to pass away some day,I appreciate the little things and I do what I can to give everyone a smile.

For anyone coping with a loss, some which will see this post when things calm down for them, know that even if it isn’t clear and if it takes a while to realize, everything does happen for a reason. Also know there are people that want to help in any way they can and it is okay, actually encouraged, to cry whenever you feel necessary.

I know this post is sad, but that wasn’t my intention. I am hoping it provides comfort to one or another at some point. If you have made it this far- congratulations and thank you for reading!