Family Fun: Painting edition.

Yesterday I took a painting class with my Momma, My cousin Katie and two of my aunts. The class was at The Paint Bar in Newton. If you haven’t been I highly suggest trying it out. I discovered that I am a super type-A personality. The second my paints had to touch I had some serious anxiety. Also, PTSD from high school art class is real. When I had a difficult time completely covering the entire canvas with paint all I could think about was the miserable grade I would have received. However, painting is fun and so is good company. The website tells you the paint stains and to be careful with what you wear. I opted for old leggings, a lazy day shirt and my new vest. (Don’t worry- I took the vest off for painting.) Oh! I also tried to tease my pony tail! Wasn’t perfect but it definitely won’t be the last time. It was an easy way to dress up a simple, relaxed style.

IMG_4148 IMG_4150

Shirt: Forever21/ Vest: Old Navy/ Leggings: Victorias Secret/ Boots: Madden Girl

In class we painted a penguin. The paint bar is a fun and comfortable place to paint a picture you can be proud of. It is all done step by step and impossible to mess up even though the entire thing is done by you! I highly suggest it. Here it is!

IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4155

From a plate of paint, our first “drying break” and the finished product! Not great, but not too shabby! Try it out!



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