I absolutely love holidays with my family. I do my best to be thankful for something everyday but days with my family I am extra thankful for the amazing people I have in my life. Thursday I compiled a small list of the things I was most thankful for. They are as follows- all of the amazing food on my table this year, a peppermint mocha coffee from Starbucks while running a little early for thanksgiving dinner, smiles and well wishes from strangers, the unbelievable new and old people in my life, J.Crew necklaces, my health and that of the people I love, and most of all a house to live in with heat, clothes and food. Not just thanksgiving but everyday I am one very lucky girl.

So after dinner on Thursday we took our annual cousin pictures. Given the seriously cold temperature.. 30 degrees.. this years photo shoot was a bit shorter. We are also missing two cousins from these pictures but thats okay.

IMG_4138 IMG_4139

Why did we pose? We don’t know. Just happens. Below is my cousin Katherine and I. We showed up in the same outfit….awkward. I would be pretty lost without her though.

Sometimes pictures and lots of turkey can make ladies pretty tired. Which definitely results in falling asleep on the couch during football games. Ooops. We had to rest up for black friday shopping! Yep- Katherine had me out shopping at 12:30 in the morning! CRAZY. I’m pretty happy with my purchases though.

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with love, food and football.



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