Month: January 2014

Super Bowl Treats.

Since I apparently don’t have enough on my plate recently I am now having some serious issues with dairy and am being tested for lactose intolerance. Considering this is a recent miserable development in the chaos I call everyday life the following game day recipes are not foods I can actually consume myself. That means I need for you ladies to make them and enjoy them as much as you possibly can. For me of course.

I would like to point out that since it is game day all of these delicious snacks are best to be served with beer. Budweiser is my beer of choice but of course you should drink whatever your little heart desired. Margarita’s, of course, are acceptable as well.

First up, nachos! This is embarrassing but this picture isn’t mine. The last time I made nachos, specifically for this post may I add, I got halfway through eating them and forgot to take pictures. This picture however, looks the most similar to my nachos.


Also notice the Jalapeños on the top. Yeah, those don’t happen anymore. The first and last time I constructed nachos with jalapeños I ended up with the juice in my eye and all of my makeup streaking down my face in .2 seconds. There are few things more painful I can tell you that much. The other problem is the pesky juice doesn’t leave your skin. Therefore, when you rub your eyes or the skin around your eyes, you end up with a blotchy red face. Before you know it you are crying on the floor of the bathroom with plain greek yogurt smeared on your face and praying the stinging will stop. I know what you’re thinking and yes, I was sober. I digress.

What you will need:

1 bag of tortilla chips

1 package (pound?) of ground turkey (healthy, woo!)

1 can of pinto beans

1 package of mexican cheese

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 lime

1 onion

2 tomatos

1 little container of plain greek yogurt- I use Chobani. (Tastes exactly the same as sour cream with half the fat.)


1.Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. In a frying pan, cook all of the ground turkey fully before adding the taco seasoning and drained pinto beans.

3.Lay half of your chips out onto a cookie sheet. Lay half of your ground turkey/bean mixture on top. Repeat with with the remainder of the chips and turkey.

4. chop both tomatoes and the onion and throw into a bowl. Mix up a little, cut the time and squirt all of the juice into the tomatoes. Viola, pico de gallo.

5. Throw the pico de gallo and mexican cheese on top of your little mountain of chips and turkey. (If you want to be brave and add Jalapeños, now is the time.)

6. Bake for about 10-15 minutes.

7. Throw a dollop of greek yogurt on the top


I am also making barbecue chicken in the crock pot.

I put an entire bottle of Archer Farms barbecue sauce in the crockpot with drained, canned pineapple and about 4 chicken breasts. Cook on low for 5 hours and in the last 30-45 minutes put some crinkle fries into the oven. Easy and delicious. You’re welcome.


The following is a recipe for my favorite skinny margarita. Please enjoy responsibly and if you can’t be responsible.. just don’t drive.



10-15 frozen strawberries

2 peaches, peeled and chopped

4 ounces of tequila

1 cup of crushed ice

12 ounces sparkling water

Blend until smooth. Easy peasy right?

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Venus Trapped in Mars

Enjoy game day ladies and follow me on instagram for pictures of my favorite foods! @smurphy58


20 Random Facts.

Hey ya’ll! Coming at you from a little break in my crazy chaotic life for some blog land lovin’. Right now from my lovely neck of the woods it is 14 degrees outside but it feels like 10. In the spirit of all things positive, at least we hit double digits?



Sunday, almost 50!? Are you drunk? If so stay like that. I like you way better this way.

Since joining the Her Campus Blogger Network I have discovered so many new blogs and such lovely ladies. However, I feel as though I am learning so much about them without really knowing anything about them. Alas, I have decided to post 20 random facts about myself. A really big part of me is saying “this is weird, no one cares” but I’m doing it anyway. Here goes nothing-

  1. I tend to overdo the caffeine thing when I need energy. Coffee, tea, shots of espresso and Five Hour Energy. You name it, I love it.
  2. I have an extremely irrational fear of the dark. Considering I’m 20 and should have grown out of this fear, oh I don’t know, 10 years ago! I wake up in the middle of the night every night for no reason at all, just to stare at the ceiling and check to make sure my front door is locked is all that I can guess.
  3. When I was little my parents and I had this grand dream of me growing up to be a Rockette. When I stopped growing a 5’2″ I changed my dream to Tinkerbell. I am very seriously auditioning to play Tinkerbell in Disney World and I couldn’t be more excited about it.
  4. I’m not just being overdramatic with my complaining about the cold. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the cold causes me physical pain. Okay, so I’m a litte dramatic sometimes. Whatever.
  5. Breakfast in my favorite meal of the day. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, home fries, waffles.. stopping now because I’m starving and this isn’t helping.
  6. When I talk about being all over the place, I really am. It is nothing short of a miracle that I complete little tasks, never mind the big ones, daily. For instance, this post has been open for over an hour and everything in the world is distracting me from it. My new guilty pleasure,, is the biggest offender.
  7. Whenever I have a little too much to drink I sometimes always do sit-ups and push ups to feel better about the calories responsible for clouding my judgement.
  8. I can’t hide anything in my facial expressions, which can be either a blessing or a curse depending on the situation. If you say something stupid, chances are my face is going to give away that I think you’re an idiot.
  9. I love sweating. SO gross I know, but I can’t complete a work out unless I am sweaty. If I don’t sweat I don’t feel as though I accomplished anything.
  10. I am significantly more emotionally attached to my jewelry than I am my friends. I lost a ring my parents bought me for my 16th birthday in the snow for an entire month and cried an entire handful of times. My heart really hurt.
  11. There are two exceptions to my previous fact. My best friend Jen who attends the University of Florida (wah) and my cousin Katherine who is at Westfield State.
  12. I only started actually wearing makeup recently and I can’t get enough. By that I mean in high school I would wear eyeliner and mascara and call it a day. Dance makeup was a completely different story, obviously.
  13. I don’t like Lady Gaga. Nor do I like Taylor Swift. Judge me.
  14. I can (and have) stay in for an entire weekend watching documentaries on the history channel. World War II time frame is my favorite. Yes, I do turn down plans with my friends using the excuse “I’m watching a documentary.” They don’t react anymore.
  15. One thing I despise more than anything is mean comments over the way someone looks. In my opinion it should never ever happen.
  16. I want nothing more than to live in Australia for a year or two. Maybe three.
  17. There are a million things I want do with my life thus making it so I have no idea which path to choose.
  18. Cadbury eggs are a food group. My favorite food group actually.
  19. I think I am one of the funniest people I have ever met. I laugh at/with myself ALL of the time.
  20. This post was worked on for about two and half hours on and off because I get distracted so easily.

There you go ladies! 20 super random facts about yours truly! Have a lovely Thursday!



My life has been extremely chaotic lately. Between school, two jobs, being sick and trying(failing) to squeeze in a social life I feel beyond frustrated and overwhelmed ALL of the time. I hate complaining because I am so lucky to have the two most amazing jobs in the entire world. Seriously the best. When I head to work at Dream I get to help ladies pick out gorgeous prom and pageant dresses. How is that considered working? Oh yeah, and sometimes this happens:



I love being there. When I’m not “working” at Dream I’m “working” as a nanny and playing with the smartest three year old in the entire world. I’m a little biassed but I mean, she really is brilliant. When I’m nannying this happens:



We could be headed to Disney for a few days next month as well. I know- so lucky just shut up, Shan. With all of that being said there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to accomplish homework and a magnificent blog post. I do want to make sure I post something everyday because well, blogging makes me happy. Today’s post is slightly lame and based around a quote. I hope you enjoy and find time to do what makes you happy even when you feel like you’re drowning.


Spring Break Body.

I don’t know what is going on but I think the older I get the faster time seems to move. It is already the end of January and February is right around the corner. By the way it’s 2014 as well… what? In one short month spring break will be here and a lucky few ladies will be heading to significantly warmer climates. I know it may seem like this post is to help you but I actually hate you. Unless I end up in Florida. In which case we can be friends.

For those lucky few headed to an island oasis or state much warmer than mine, you’re probably slightly worried about the bikini sitch. Don’t fret- I’m here to assist in all of your bikini needs.  Above all the most important thing to remember is crash diets are terrible for your body. If your plan is to live on celery and water for the entire week leading up to your trip, you need to think again. After the trip, or possibly during depending on how fantastic your all-inclusive plan is, the weight is going to come back quicker and easier than it has in the past. Also remember that crash dieting is depleting your body of vital nutrients needed to keep your body healthy and keep everything functioning properly. Trust me, you will need that liver of yours in tip top shape for your week long jail break from textbooks. I know I will anyway.

As far as diet- make sure you’re eating! Subtle changes can actually make quite the difference. Do your best to avoid carbs, salts and dairy. Choose natural sugars over artificial and drink a lot of water. First, carbs can’t be avoided at all cost and shouldn’t be especially when you’re working out. This is where the grey area comes into play. Choose a complex carb over a simple carb. For instance if you have the choice between a whole grain bread or pasta and a white flour bread or pasta, choose whole grain. Whole grains are harder for our body to break down making it work just a little harder. Whole grains also means you’re getting the benefit and nutrients of the entire seed like Vitamin B, Iron and protein. Salts and dairy products are going to be partially responsible for bloating as they cause your body to retain water. Drinking plenty of water, 8 glasses a day to be exact, will ensure that you are keeping your body flushed and happy. Lastly, a natural sugar like those found in fruits are better for your body and give you a bit more energy than an artificial option. Often, I will reach for a smoothie or bowl of mixed fruit instead of a coffee. Just as much, if not more energy, with no crash and no guilt. When I’m rushed with work and classes, I love Naked juice drinks.


While I have never believed this product was “all natural” I do believe that when pressed for time they are a superior option to a bag of chips or Marylou’s girl scout cookie coffee on the way to class. Of course, homemade smoothies are always the way to go.

Exercise is going to come down to at least a half hour of cardio a day. Since we’re on a time crunch, I would push for everyday. Cardio can be anything you choose so long as your heart rate is up. A little sweat never killed anybody. Treadmill, elliptical, Zumba, Kickboxing, pilates, you name it- just do something. If you want to do some weight training to add a little definition to those muscles then you do you, you overachiever! 3 sets of 15 is my go-to. Push yourself without hurting yourself. A while back I posted a simple routine that I do in my bedroom on lazy days. This would be easy to follow and complete in a dorm room and hopefully make you feel like you worked hard.  Make sure the cardio is done in one form or another along with the diet.

This plan is extremely simple but if you stick to it I promise you will see a difference. Let me know what you think or if you plan on trying, please! I can’t wait for feedback so don’t be shy and good luck!


“Grown Sexy”

Was there anything to watch on TV last night? I just couldn’t find anything. Just kidding. Let’s fight one battle at a time and tackle the Bachelor wedding first.

Disclaimer: This may or may not be the most confusing ramble you have ever read. It may leave you scratching your head or possibly you will end up doubled over laughing. Hopefully the latter. 

First things first- What the hell is grown sexy? Catherine was trying so hard to make that a thing, but it’s not. Sexy and sophisticated perhaps. (Thanks Fallan!) I understand she wanted pretty and elegant but not boring. She wanted to be a big girl, for lack of a better term, and prove that she’s an adult who can be viewed in a sexy manner on a day that is supposed to be about tradition and innocence. Fine. Just stop saying grown sexy or even just sexy every other word. If there is anything I will remember most about last night’s nuptials, it is how uncomfortable I felt. That could also have something to do with me being the least romantic girl in America.

Next, THE DRESSES. I have two of the best jobs in the entire world. One of which is working in a prom and social occasion boutique. Naturally, I noticed Catherine and the bridesmaids dresses immediately. The whole wedding was so soft and elegant. Apologies, Catherine, I just  don’t see the “sexy” side with pastel colors and peonies. Don’t get me wrong though, that’s just the way I like it. Catherine’s gown was a strapless lace empire waist, embellished with a beaded belt tucked just behind her pink peonies in the picture below. The lace is absolutely sexy but in the most sophisticated way possible.  The bridesmaids soft pink gowns are so gorgeous. I love the simplicity of the dresses and the color scheme throughout the entire bridal party. I mean, could they be any more gorgeous?


PS- Lesley, third in from the left, is still my favorite gal in the history of Bachelor history. Just find it a little strange she was in her ex-boyfriends wedding but #YOLO. (I hope you all know I’m seriously kidding when I use that term. Okay good.)

Let us briefly discuss how precious Sean’s dad was when they asked him to officiate the ceremony! That just melted my heart. His reaction was so shocked but so genuinely honored and thrilled at the same time. I absolutely loved it. However, I never know what’s real and what isn’t and it drives me crazy. For instance, how much did Catherine really plan? Was it their idea to have Sean’s dad officiate? Have they actually saved themselves for the wedding night? (That one is bullsh** and I don’t believe it for a minute. I think it was all for publicity and the more it came up the more frustrated I became.) After my 15 minutes of fame in a flashmob on HGTV, I don’t believe a thing I see on TV anymore. Cold world.

Lastly, Sean crying at the end of the ceremony was absolutely genuine (I hope) and sweet. I love the thought of a guy being so happy and overwhelmed to be spending the rest of his life with his bride. My future husband better have some water in the eyes. However, pull it together man. She wasn’t even crying like that. (See, there’s that lack of romance thing again.)

All in all the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and so were the bride and groom.


If you aren’t following me on twitter (@pearls_sass) and you missed me life tweeting last night, you’re only living half of a life. Just sayin’ ya’ll.


I have to admit that I did miss a lot of the Grammy’s due to the wedding and my lack of ADHD meds. Whatever. I caught the two most important parts of the evening. Beyonce proving she is Queen Bey and Lorde winning a grammy for Royals.  Okay so Lorde makes me kind of uncomfortable. She is strange and looks like she’s 40. She’s 17. Yikes, girl. If you watch her performance however, she is just super into the music and the performance, she can feel it in her body and you can’t fault a performer for that. I understand because Royals makes me sassy. Despite the two Grammy’s I think perhaps the biggest victory of the night? Being tweeted about MORE than Beyonce!

Beyonce had a sexy show stopping performance with husband JayZ, snuggled with some PDA in the audience while also sipping cognac (wine?). She really is Queen and everyone knows it. It’s Beyonce’s world and we are all just visiting. Until Lorde is tweeted about more. Did hell freeze over last night? I’m confused.

What did you all think of last night’s events? I can’t wait to hear different opinions! Enjoy your Monday!


Selfish Saturday.

Today is without a doubt the most selfish day I have had in a while. I woke up early and just could not fall back to sleep. Typical. I headed for the gym where I completed a light workout. Boy do I mean light, too. It’s okay though because I went straight to yoga after which was not so light. Prefect, nonetheless. I then had my nailsies painted a nice plum color before retreating back to my warm bed for blog stalking and tea. Unless it requires something I really want to do for myself, I don’t plan on moving. Selfish.

I’m mostly here with some exciting news! Scroll down and look for the new decoration on the right. Ready, set, GO!

Did you find it? I am now a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network with a fun little badge to prove it! Her Campus is so amazing and I am fairly certain they will be taking over the world in no time. If you haven’t yet, definitely check out the site at! You can thank me later!

I think I will get back to lounging and watching Netflix. Maybe some homework in a little bit. Maybe. Oh, I know! I will go to Target. Have a wonderful day my friends!

Friday Favorites.

Hello ladies! I have roughly one million tasks and errands to complete today before I head to work. Oh yeah, I also have to fit class in there somewhere. But it’s okay. I am going to be alright! I think. Tomorrow is my first day off in over two weeks and I plan to spoil myself. My day will start out with yoga before I  rush right on over to my mani/pedi appointment. I then plan to go shopping and do some crafting. This girl just needs some time to herself.

Between the sub-zero temperatures, cold, lack of sleep and super buys schedule I have done a terrible job being thankful for all that I have and the little mundane things that get me through a week. However boring this list may seem, all of these small details went into getting me through the past few days.

ONE.// A mug that reminds me of an incredible week with even better friends on the most gorgeous beach in America. (Yeah, I said it California. Whatcha gonna do?) For the last two weeks my mug has been my best friend holding a cup two or three cups off coffee every morning, as well as grownup hot chocolate and tea in the evening. Thanks for the support, friend.


TWO.// Baby chunk smiles and little hugs. When I pick Maddie (my nanny toddler) up from school everyday I am greeted with the most enthusiastic and warm hug in the world. Yesterday, in particular, Maddie got me through my day in that moment without even realizing it. Her sister Emmie, baby chunk, smiles with her bright eyes and dimples and my heart is mush. These girls.

THREE.// My heated blanket. My dad and I always argue as to whether it’s correctly “heated” or “electric”, anyone on my side- please share. If you’re on his side, I don’t want to hear it.. It will just go to his head. Anyway, my room happens to be the coldest room in the house and has been since I was a little girl. My blanket allows me to sleep in shorts every night and still stay nice and toastey in my little bed cocoon. Like I said before, I dislike pants immensely. I just need someone to invent a remote starter, similar to the one on my car, so I can start her up before I’m even home at night.

FOUR.// Friends. When I’m stressed I just want to to talk about silly mundane occurrences that have me blissfully unaware of the outside world. For instance, bonding with someone over how impossible it is to take Old Navy skinnies off because the ankles are too tight. Yup, that’s what I want. And yes, that happened yesterday.

FIVE.// Hockey. Bruins, Wild, fights, scoring, Penalties, hugs. I want it all and I love it. Nice win last night, Wild. How do ya like them now Stanley Cup Campion Blackhawks?

SIX.// This one sounds silly but waking up everyday with my health (minus this unreal super cold) and the people I care about around me. It’s all to real recently that not everyone has that. As a request to everyone reading a family friend’s 10 year old nephew is having extraordinary life saving measures removed today at 3pm. The boy was in an accident a month ago yesterday and suffered severe brain trauma. Maybe just a quick prayer for him, the family would really appreciate it.

Never let your praying knees get lazy, and love like crazy. –Lee Brice

Have an amazing weekend friends and if you’re reading from New England, stay warm!