Wishing for something is a funny concept. Sometimes my wishes are completely plausible, reachable goals or desires that end up coming true at one point or another. While others may require quite a bit of help and be a bit unrealistic. For example, this Christmas I wished that Santa would bring me a new iPhone. He did and it is beautiful. Right now? Well right now I am wishing I could snap my fingers and be knee deep in the water somewhere. The snapping part, well that is unrealistic. Actually getting to paradise is not unrealistic but would require money, time off, transportation and a place to stay. I have none of the above.

Wishes push me through my days though. It’s my wish that I can save the money and plan a trip to a tropical paradise in the next few months. To do this I will go to work to earn the money and spend countless hours tearing through resort sites until I find the vacation that’s perfect for me. On days I want to stay in bed instead of work or buy that pair of shoes I don’t need, I will imagine myself on a white sand beach with countless frozen drinks delivered by a handsome cabana boy. When I actually make it there, and I will, it will be because I wished and made it happen.

I think to watch a wish come true is about as close to magic as it gets.

Make-A-Wish is a foundation that creates magic. This foundation takes sick children and makes their dreams come true right before their eyes. Have you heard of Bat Kid? If not you should take a minute to here. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face for the rest of the day then I don’t know what will.

About a month ago I sent an email to Make-A-Wish looking to maybe donate a dress from Dreamย for a prom or something. I wasn’t expecting to be given the opportunity to help with a wish. The wish came straight out of a hospital bed a Children’s Hospital Boston. Jasmine, our friend making the wish, ย was terminally ill and hoping for a dress to wear to a party that would launch a few songs she had recorded. The chance to help with the wish was the best Christmas present I had ever received.

Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve, before the party was able to happen, Jasmine passed away. The illness had been too much for her body and it had finally caught up to her. Receiving that email from the wish coordinator absolutely broke my heart. It doesn’t seem fair that a young girl should have to spend so much of her life battling a terrible illness only to pass away so young.

Aside from holding on to my friends and family a little tighter after receiving the news about Jasmine, I have decided to try as hard as I can to make every wish I have come true. You will notice my new “Bucket List” page at the top of my blog. I also, hope to help the people around me with their wishes. Maybe if I’m really lucky, I will have the opportunity to work with Make-A-Wish again!



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