Friends and Treats.

Okay, so I know I talk about Dream like all of the time but it is seriously the best job ever. I love going to work and have an even better time helping girls pick out the perfect dress for whatever event they may have coming up. In addition to all this fun I have become pretty good friends with my boss. It sounds weird right? It’s not. Anyways, I was just poking around Fallan’s blog.  She has a page of Style posts and a page of Recipe posts. I feel like the recipe’s are too good not to share so that’s why I’m here. I highly suggest the “desserts” and “chocolate” tags but that could have something to do with my current chocolate craving. Now, go get lost in mouth watering blog posts!

Next point- Moving forward posts about the Bach will probably be their own entity in my blog. You also shouldn’t expect them for a few weeks until I have developed either a loving connection or deep dislike with/for the ladies. Unless something unreal happens like oh, I don’t know… A LADY FAKING PREGNANT. Freaking lunatic I tell you.

On a real note though. Juan Pablo’s abs. And Arms. And back. Yeah. Oh and his daughter, how cute is she? I want to play with her so she can teach me spanish and Juan Pablo and I can fall in love. After I win over Camila Valentina of course.  On another real note, it feels weird dropping “Juan Pablo” like it’s normal but hey, this is pop culture.

Enjoy Fallan’s baking during the next Bach episode and report back here or to my twitter (@pearls_sass) for analysis.




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