#TBT- 90’s Kids Edition.

As I sit here re-watching Corey Matthews and Topanga Lawrence fall in love, I was inspired to take a little journey down memory lane. Care to join me? Of course you do. There is nothing about the 90’s you don’t miss. You know it, I know it and now we are going to open up my fanny pack of the past to see what we can find.

Look what I have stumbled upon first! No shock here considering I still think I’m a princess and yes, Siri does refer to me as such. Thank you for asking.


In case you were wondering, I know you were, it was extremely difficult to find a picture of the original clique. Why do so many pictures pop up of girls I don’t recognize when I  search “Disney Princess” on google. Who are you ladies and what makes you think you have what it takes to be apart of this fine group of Princess’.  Not sure why but all I can picture in my mind are the originals in sunglasses singing “ain’t nobody f**king with my clique.”

Ooh would you look at that! My fav spice girls song!! Yo I’ll tell ya what I want what I really really want. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. But I mean, that British pop group has nothing on Hit Me Baby One More Time by my girl B.Spears. Obviously.

Britney_Spears_-____Baby_One_More_Time_CD article-1205767-050ED5F70000044D-374_468x351

Only like the best CD eva and Britney’s school girl outfit? I totally can’t wait to go to high school and wear that outfit! Do you think I’ll actually be able to dance in high school,too? Who knows but the lockers will be so cool. I bet I will have a boyfriend who keeps all his stuff in there.  Speaking of  boyfriends, aren’t Britney and Justin like the cutest couple ever?


Okay, I’m back. It was actually pretty exhausting trying to figure out how little Shannon would be acting. I would post picture of 90’s Shan but they come with a bowl cut and there is nothing good about that. Since reverting back to teeny bopper stages made me so tired maybe I should grab a snack. Fruit by the foot? Just kidding Mom never let me eat those which was so lame because I loved them. I was allowed gushers however. I could actually really go for some dunkaroos  but only after I have a lunchable.


Good lord, how gross is that. Dunkaroos however, I would still eat those.

Remember when your mom would make you play because apparently you have been inside for too long..or something like that. My biggest argument was that I was tired because my terrifying Furby woke me up in the middle of night.

I digress.

Playing- what were your favorite toys of the 90’s? A few of mine.

skip it bopit

vintage lite brite 3

I remember so vividly the damn skipit ball hitting my ankles and wanting to cry. Never did though- I kept going. And the actual piece that went around your ankle hurt just as bad after a while. I wonder why that seemed like a good idea to parents?

Also, were tamogatchi’s supposed to teach us responsibility or something? Unsure, but that was a stupid fad.

For all of my girlfriends out there… this one is for you.


I think I’m about done here. If we really were in the 90’s I would be so looking forward to watching a cool movie tomorrow night at 8 pm. Probably something along the lines of Brink or Luck of the Irish.

Thanks for joining my fanny pack and I in my trip down memory lane. Maybe we can do it again sometime. It’s been so RAD. Laterz babz.



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