Strep Throat.

I am NO stranger to the doctor’s office this time of year. You see, I frequently come down with sinus infections and need to march my butt into the office to request an antibiotic. Occasionally I get a sinus infection that knocks me on my ass but for the most part I can handle them like a champion. Until D-day (friday night) struck and hit me like a ton of bricks. I was having a lovely evening minding my own business and doing some puppy snuggling when my I felt my throat start to swell. Literally could feel my tonsils growing by the hour. It started as an overall “icky” feeling and grew into- I never want to get out of bed ever. I know, I’m such a child. I woke up Saturday morning at 8 am and decided it was best I didn’t get out of bed until 2:30.


I showered and got ready for dinner with my parents, my aunt and my lovely god father who made rude jokes and called me a whip for not ordering a drink. Man, do I love him. Can I just point out going to your favorite restaurant with a new found issue that is lactose intolerance sucks. Everything italian involves cream and cheese. Everything. The struggle. After being disappointed with a lack of cheese in my entree I decided I was going to get my favorite chocolate cake. Yolo, right? Right. Good thing I did because they decorated my plate with a shamrock! So I’m wondering- does everyone get a shamrock with dessert OR were they like “hey, that girl’s face is covered in freckles, she’ll get a kick out of this.” Either way, I totally got a kick out of it. Instagram worthy kick in fact.


What happened next? Well, I went straight to bed at 8pm. Really living on the edge here, people. Sunday saw a day at work, lots of cough drops and even more orange juice. It also saw the start of House of Cards and some Oscars.

Monday was the day I decided to call my doctor. I saw a new doctor, he was relatively young and when his voice carried over from the next room I seriously thought he was going to be a looker. Wrong, bad hit Shan. Anyway- he wrote me a prescription for an extra strength anti-biotic because I have a sinus infection AND strep. There is no bravery in this folks, I am a miserable baby about it all. I can’t even swallow!  I can only imagine someone was looking out for me as I stumbled across all of this goodness right after my appointment.

IMG_0514 IMG_0518

Don’t you worry, there will be a post or two following about all the goodness in the boxes above. I am so in love with it all- lemme tell ya. Oh and this because you know.. the freckles. Yep, it’s mine.


Anyway- hopefully my new blog will be up and about within the next week. I managed to export everything from here and import it all into my blogger account ALL by myself. Holy smokes was I impressed with myself. Now I’m waiting on the design to be complete and we will be ready to rock my friends. Prepare yourself for the move and follow your girl here.



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