Hi blog land! You’re probably wondering where the HELL I have been considering it has been a week. Am I right? I figured. Let me give you a quick update. After posting Tuesday about dealing with my strep I got the stomach bug. I’m sure ya’ll know but if I can just reiterate it for you.. The stomach bug sucks. So much. When I stopped getting sick , nausea wise, I noticed I wasn’t getting any better. If anything I was getting significantly sicker. Back to the doctor I go.. lucky my. Pneumonia. How the hell did I get pneumonia and can anyone tell me how in one week I come down with strep, a stomach bug AND pneumonia because I just can’t figure it out. It has been the most  miserable week ever let me tell you. The worst part? I have been having a couple really good hair days and the only thing that has seen said hair is my couch. Lame. Anyway, nap time calls.


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