Bucket List

If you are someone who enjoys my blog, (thank you) there is something you should know about me. I love lists. I make to-do lists constantly, I have a “what to blog about next list,” grocery lists, potential names for my future puppy list and lists of what list to make next. I may be crazy, but that’s alright by me.

All of my lists live in a very special place… my cell phone. However, the most important list of all? My bucket list.  Everyday is an adventure and a chance to try something new. We are never promised tomorrow. So I have decided to love the hell out of my life and cram as much craziness and happiness in as possible. So without further ado-

Don’t save the living for when you are dying..

Run a 5k

Make pasta from scratch

Put a lock on the love bridge in Paris

Be in a flashmob

Go sky diving

Go skinny dipping in the ocean

Learn to sail

Live healthy

Live in Australia for one year

Crash a wedding 

Live in the south

Buy a boat

Backpack through Europe

Laugh so hard I cry, everyday

Donate blood

Learn a foreign language

Audition to dance for Beyonce

Make friends and grow through my blog

Wine tasting in Tuscany


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