MOVING DAY! Please come with me!

Hi everyone! It’s MOVING DAY! Pearls and Sass is moving on over to a cute little design on blogger. Please find me at www.pearlsandsass.blogspot.com! Thank you, Thank you for following me here! It really does mean the world and I’m hoping you will follow me!



Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit.


Since becoming a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network a couple of months ago I receive an email with an incredible opportunity at least once a week. I have received the opportunity to apply for represent and try a new app, a Macy’s campaign and my personal favorite receive the Spring Break Survival Kit! If you recall my post on the first day I went to the doctor I came home to find my kit! I thought it would make all of my troubles fade away but it didn’t because I then wound up on my couch for two weeks with pneumonia.

The good news is it did lift my spirits roughy one million percent and is continuing to do so! For those of you who didn’t see the original post the box looked a little something this.

IMG_0514 IMG_0518

FIRST// Inside my original box of goodies I received a neuro sleep drink. Two days ago I received TWO count them one-two thirty pound boxes of Neuro sleep! That’s four cases of yummy relaxing goodness. The best way I can think to describe the drink is a liquid form of melatonin or maybe sleepy tea? As a girl that can never fall asleep and wakes up twice every night, I am a huge supporter of this and dear I say, it’s number one fan. Twice now I have had some before bed and slept an entire 6 hours THROUGH the night. Miracle my friends, miracle. It also came with one of those cool little masky-things to put over your eyes and oddly enough.. I really like it. Granted, it does’t stay on my face for the entire night but you win some you lose some. I believe I’m supposed to share some of my cases with friends. It’s fair if I share two and keep two right? Yes, it is. OH BTW.. 35 calories. BAM.


SECOND// Haircare- TRESemmé also sent me a 7 Day Keratin Smooth System and let me tell you my hair smooth smooth smooth. If you know me you know I have a thing about soft hair and if you look like you have soft hair I will more than likely play with it. Maybe ask first, but probably not. I did share my Keratin treatment with a couple lucky friends and got equally awesome reviews. Which I mean is no surprise because TRESemme is the best and never disappoints.

ZOTOS Biotera color care conditioner was a favorite of my Momma. I no longer have color treated hair so I wanted to give it to someone who would fully benefit from its goodness. Naturally I played with her hair after and it felt like baby hair (that’s a good thing in my book) and she seemed to LOVE it. As far as I can tell you should go buy some.


THIRD// CHIPOTLE. I could just stop with that but I mean I won’t. Chipotle sent me cards for a free meal from Chipotle AND free chips and guac. Wait what do you mean? How did I get so lucky? My go-to at chipotle is a burrito with chicken, rice, cheese and lettuce. Good lord my friends it is so freaking delicious. Granted you can’t eat anything after so I will have to use the chips and guac another time and just love chipotle twice. Have you ever been? Whatever the answer is just go right now. You’re welcome.

FOUR// Coupon Cards. European wax center sent me a coupon for a FREE spring break wax. Hello…eyebrows. Brows can make or break you people. Those have to be taken care of regularly. I was seriously considering waxing the bikini but I have heard horror stories about that. Pain wise, I mean, and I’m a little bit of a baby.

Yokini Swimwear sent me 20% off plus free lettering on of their yoga inspired bathing suit bottoms.


FIVE// Her Campus Swag. Her campus sent me koozie’s, sunglasses and a freaking adorable pink cup with a bow on it. If we’re being honest I was planning on purchasing a koozie and the sunglasses this summer to flaunt on the lake. I may actually buy a couple more pairs of sunglasses incase I have a little too much to drink, dive into the water and lose them. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…


It’s unfortunate that spring break in Boston looks a little something like that.

I’m so thankful for Her Campus as well as all the companies that contributed to sending me so many goodies!I’m hopeful there will be more opportunities such as this one in the future!

I Can’t Wait For Summer Because..


I can’t wait to sit on the lake or lounge on a boat and watch gorgeous sunsets just like this one last summer.

Everyone is so much happier in the summer. Tan people = happy people.

I can leave my house without a jacket and boots without worrying about my toes falling off.

It’s so much easier to get ready. Get out of the shower, brush my hair, throw on some mascara and I’m ready to go!

I can sit outside at night listening to crickets and gazing at the stars. It’s amazing how small your problems become when you think about how big the universe is.

Outdoor country concerts. Duh.


Sitting in a chair doing nothing but reading ALL day is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.


NO PANTS! During the summer I’m either always in dresses, shorts or bathing suits. There are never any pants in sight for this girl and that’s exactly how I like it.

Day drinking is more socially acceptable. A Mike’s Hard Lemonade and fishing at 10 am? Well, sign me up.

I’m footloose and fancy free during the summer!


You may not believe me but there is seriously nothing I don’t like about the summer. My heart and my skin are so much happier! Link up with Helene  and Taylor to share your favorite things about summer!

Helene In Between


Hi blog land! You’re probably wondering where the HELL I have been considering it has been a week. Am I right? I figured. Let me give you a quick update. After posting Tuesday about dealing with my strep I got the stomach bug. I’m sure ya’ll know but if I can just reiterate it for you.. The stomach bug sucks. So much. When I stopped getting sick , nausea wise, I noticed I wasn’t getting any better. If anything I was getting significantly sicker. Back to the doctor I go.. lucky my. Pneumonia. How the hell did I get pneumonia and can anyone tell me how in one week I come down with strep, a stomach bug AND pneumonia because I just can’t figure it out. It has been the most  miserable week ever let me tell you. The worst part? I have been having a couple really good hair days and the only thing that has seen said hair is my couch. Lame. Anyway, nap time calls.

Social Networks.

As a twenty year old girl- I take full advantage of social networking sights. I have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram apps on my phone in which I check regularly. Fine. Significantly more than I should. Happy? I have such a love- hate relationship with these little shits. I use them to stay connected with my friends and family across the country, maybe world. I can upload pictures and status’ about what I have been up to as well as keep track of what my friends have been getting themselves into.Good or bad- one never knows what to expect with them.

So where does the “hate” part come in? I dislike the way social networking is such a huge part of life. Society as a whole places so much importance in the internet that we don’t pay much attention to what is around us. Almost like unless it is posted somewhere- it isn’t real. The phrase “Is it facebook official?” Are you serious. C’mon.

#TBT; such a cool thought but overdone and obnoxious at the point. If you say “Tee-Bee-Tee” in real life you need to be grounded. I’m talking no electronics for a week. You’re sentenced to actually playing outside in fresh air and not tweeting about. You’ve been served.

I am as guilty as the next girl for being online way too frequently but there is a real world that is rather pretty and should be noticed. Last night, as I was backing out of my parking spot at Target, I noticed a woman walking toward my car scrolling through her phone. She clearly didn’t see me so I applied the breaks trying to avoid hitting the bitch. She walked right into the back of my car. HELLLLOO! Pay attention.

I think back to how much fun I had playing games and day dreaming with my friends when I was younger. It makes me sad that such young kids have so many social networks at their fingertips. If you aren’t in high school you don’t need a twitter OR Facebook. Sorry not sorry. Bullying is so easy now it makes mt stomach do flips and my heart feel like a brick.

I guess the moral of this rant is to appreciate the beauty in life and have a normal conversation with people. I try not to use my phone at all when I am out but it doesn’t always work. Anyways.. I challenge you to cut back on your social network use and get away from life via instagram filters. Think about it- the sun and a fresh covering of snow are instagram filters from mother nature herself.

Liebster Award.

Feeling extra thankful today for my new found friends in blog land. I have met many supportive ladies and am loving how things are going for me right now. There will be some exciting changes around here in just a couple weeks. I can’t wait to share with everyone! Anyways, I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award. The goal of a Liebster Award is to generate attention toward up and coming bloggers. Typically those nominated have 200 or less followers. Upon getting nominated there are a few rules, but as you know I enjoy breaking rules.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.14.48 AM

The rules are as follows-

  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger
  2. Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  3. Provide 11 random facts about yourself
  4. List some bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you really feel deserve a little blogging love!
  5. Let all of the bloggers know you have nominated them.  You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you!
  6. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer.

Here’s the thing friends. I have a few too many bloggers to nominate. Mine are all a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. I am encouraging ordering you all to visit the network and check out some of bloggers on the list. The blogs are categorized by their primary posts. Looking for a fun DIY project? Click on a blog in the DIY section and get in touch with your creative side. All of the bloggers are so amazing and I just love reading their stuff. I hope you do, too! While you’re there you may as well check out the rest of the website. I absolutely love Her Campus and what they stand for. Check them out, friends.

Moving on- I would like to send a big old Thank you over to Heather at Coconut & Cotton for nominating me. Check her out and tell her I sent ya. Or not… just go. Heather has provided some questions for me to answer so let’s get to answering.

1. Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog because I was hoping to someday join the Her Campus Blogger Network. I also was hopeful there would be a day I could look back at these pages and remember all of the amazing things in my life. Whether they are good or bad, I want to remember everything.

2. What’s your favorite lip product?

My favorite lip product is a simple chapstick made by Avon. It is called Intense Moisture Lip Therapy and it is really the only product I use regularly.

3. Do you have curly, wavy, or straight hair?

My hair is stick straight. So lame, right? During the summer months when I am sun kissed and salty my hair has a pretty nice curl wave to it. Other than that I am as boring as they come, folks.

4. What’s your favorite movie?

If I was trying to look like an adult I would tell you my favorite movie of all time is Remember The Titans. If we are being completely honest, which we are, I would tell you my favorite movie is Despicable Me.

5. Who inspires you the most?

This question is always so difficult for me because I am constantly drawing inspiration from everyone and everything I can get my hands on. I think everyone we meet is for a reason and we come across certain situations for a reason as well. However, since I don’t want to completely shy away from the question I will say my cousin. My cousin Katherine is one of my best friends and has the most amazing heart of anyone I have ever met.


6. When do you blog? Day? Night? On your lunch break?

I typically blog whenever I have a free moment. Right now it is while I am nannying and my little chick is watching Strawberry Shortcake. Usually it is in the morning. Or I will write a post at night and schedule it for the next morning.

7. If you could only wear one of the following which would you choose? Rings, bracelets, or necklaces.

Rings. No question. Ring power forever.

8. What’s your favorite foundation/powder?

MAC face and body foundation. Heaven in a damn bottle my friends. Heaven.

9. Describe your perfect vacation.

My perfect vacation would come with a beach and some cocktails. There would also be ample time for exploring the culture and making friends with the locals.

10. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Anywhere in the world!? It is a really big world out there. Yikes. Santorini, Greece. Who’s taking me?

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 4.40.20 PM

11. What’s your middle name?

Marie. C’mon parents, you couldn’t get a little creative?

As for the random facts. How about 20 instead of 11? Over achiever, I know. Find those gems here.

A big ol’ Thank you to all my new friends!


Thank me later.

Today, I am enjoying a lovely snow day in Boston. I started my snowy-vacation-day last night when I purchased all of my favorite foods and a delicious bottle of red moscato to enjoy with a movie. As many of you know, my favorite thing to do on a snowy day is shop online. Duh. I could seriously be a professional. I also check social networks too frequently and stalk other bloggers. #sorrynotsorry?

Today during my shopping I found two new brands that I can not wait to try. The first being Valleau Apparel. We all know how much I love fitness clothes. By that I mean, that’s all I wear and who doesn’t like to look at least a little cute at the gym? Or dance class in my case, gotta look cute there. No sarcasm, I actually search high and low for cute and affordable sports bras for different classes. I found them!



Seriously how cute is that? I can’t wait to get a couple and show them off!

Next, bathing suits. Okay so if you are following me on twitter you witnessed my rant about Victoria’s Secret bathing suits this year. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them but some are strange. Is no one concerned about tan lines this summer? I mean a crop top-kini.. what? I also feel as though everyone wears the same bathing suits all of the time so I was looking for something new and different. That’s when I stumbled upon aqua swimwear! The bathing suits are completely different than anything you typically see on the beach and I couldn’t possibly love them anymore. For whatever reason my computer is being a little bit of a pest so you will have to wait for me to post my own pictures when there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground! Do you have any new favorite brands? I highly suggest these!