Weekend Shenanigans.

Weekend Shenanigans.

My weekend shenanigans are mostly about my St.Patrick’s Day shenanigans because I mean hello, freckles! Obviously a huge St.Patrick’s day fan. However Saturday and Sunday I spent most of at a dance competition watching the girls I used to dance with when I was in high school. I mean sure, they were munchkins then and now they’re beautiful ballerinas but that’s neither here nor there.

The girls were incredible and gave me chills watching them. I would give organs to be able to compete again. I know it’s typical to say a body part but those are necessary for dancing, duh. I’m thinking a kidney and maybe my spleen. Those were the best days of my life. A little back story- I started dancing when I was two and competing when I was eight. A family friends daughter, Joan, was a senior my first year on company and was so good to me. I may or may not have been the MOST nervous kid ever but she made it better by sneaking me candy backstage.

Fast forward to 2014 and Joan and I still have a relationship. I attended her wedding two summers ago, nanny her little cousins and now will be playing with HER new baby girl! As a current teacher at the studio Joan chose to tell the girls before they went on stage and tape it. As the girls lined up in their costumes like they have so many times before Joan started her video and said “Ready Girls? Smile and on the count of 3 say “Miss Joan is Pregnant!” A couple seconds of quiet confusion turned into screams and tears. I feel so lucky to have been there for that moment! Here was my failed attempt at capturing the surprised expressions.



Moving onto St.Patricks Day! I spent St.Patricks Day at the Garden watching my two favorite hockey teams go head to head. This was emotionally draining let me tell you. Who do you root for? I’m a Boston girl at heart, love everything about every Boston team but I was wearing Minnesota Wild gear supporting my cousins boyfriend.Bruin’s scored and I would have a moment of “Ugh! again?” followed by a “What are you doing? You love the Bruins too. No, you love the Bruins more!” What a struggle.

To get to the game the family and I took a limo in, had a little bit too much to drink and laughed enough to have my back a little sore the next day. All things that had me feeling like I was on cloud 9! My family really does make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Particularly when we are flirting with bouncers to let us in a packed bar just to use the bathroom so that we can finish our drinks in the limo before entering the game. Any comedy you’re imagining right now is probably on par with what actually happened.

After the game we ventured downstairs to see Charlie before he had to hop on a flight to New York where he would be playing the next night. That was nice but I mean, I see Charlie on Christmas and birthdays. The best part was seeing all of the Bruins stroll by in their fancy pants suits looking like a million bucks. Johnny Boychuk limped by  me on his injured knee offering a small smile and that my friends, is the beginning of our love affair.

IMG_0651 IMG_0659  IMG_0671IMG_0674


Strep Throat.

I am NO stranger to the doctor’s office this time of year. You see, I frequently come down with sinus infections and need to march my butt into the office to request an antibiotic. Occasionally I get a sinus infection that knocks me on my ass but for the most part I can handle them like a champion. Until D-day (friday night) struck and hit me like a ton of bricks. I was having a lovely evening minding my own business and doing some puppy snuggling when my I felt my throat start to swell. Literally could feel my tonsils growing by the hour. It started as an overall “icky” feeling and grew into- I never want to get out of bed ever. I know, I’m such a child. I woke up Saturday morning at 8 am and decided it was best I didn’t get out of bed until 2:30.


I showered and got ready for dinner with my parents, my aunt and my lovely god father who made rude jokes and called me a whip for not ordering a drink. Man, do I love him. Can I just point out going to your favorite restaurant with a new found issue that is lactose intolerance sucks. Everything italian involves cream and cheese. Everything. The struggle. After being disappointed with a lack of cheese in my entree I decided I was going to get my favorite chocolate cake. Yolo, right? Right. Good thing I did because they decorated my plate with a shamrock! So I’m wondering- does everyone get a shamrock with dessert OR were they like “hey, that girl’s face is covered in freckles, she’ll get a kick out of this.” Either way, I totally got a kick out of it. Instagram worthy kick in fact.


What happened next? Well, I went straight to bed at 8pm. Really living on the edge here, people. Sunday saw a day at work, lots of cough drops and even more orange juice. It also saw the start of House of Cards and some Oscars.

Monday was the day I decided to call my doctor. I saw a new doctor, he was relatively young and when his voice carried over from the next room I seriously thought he was going to be a looker. Wrong, bad hit Shan. Anyway- he wrote me a prescription for an extra strength anti-biotic because I have a sinus infection AND strep. There is no bravery in this folks, I am a miserable baby about it all. I can’t even swallow!  I can only imagine someone was looking out for me as I stumbled across all of this goodness right after my appointment.

IMG_0514 IMG_0518

Don’t you worry, there will be a post or two following about all the goodness in the boxes above. I am so in love with it all- lemme tell ya. Oh and this because you know.. the freckles. Yep, it’s mine.


Anyway- hopefully my new blog will be up and about within the next week. I managed to export everything from here and import it all into my blogger account ALL by myself. Holy smokes was I impressed with myself. Now I’m waiting on the design to be complete and we will be ready to rock my friends. Prepare yourself for the move and follow your girl here.


Weekend Shenanigans.

Friday was an extremely lame start to my weekend with a grand total of 13 hours babysitting between two families. I love kids, I love both families and you can bet I LOVE the money but good lord that was just TOO much. When I was finally on my way home at 1 am it was so foggy and I was so tired that I missed my exit, taking me twenty minutes out of the way. I cried. A little too dramatic? Probably. Do I care? No. This girl needed to get home and into bed.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day due to the previous nights disaster however I bought myself a new treat. HUNTERS. Since nothing is cooperating for me today I can’t add a picture of them into my post so you will need to head on over to my Instagram and see them there. (@smurphy58) I spent Saturday night with some friends watching the game with pizza and wine. GO PATRIOTS.

Moving on. Sunday, Dream hosted a fashion show showcasing a pageant line by ASHLEYlauren. Ashley and her assistant Jordy joined us from Maine, they are so cute and down to earth.  Pictures of Ashley’s dresses simply do not do them justice they are so gorgeous. Sunday was so busy and overwhelming but an amazing day that made me feel grateful for a job I love and supportive, positive coworkers. Even still a stylist turned model needed some sort of treat after a long day. Who cares if my treat(s) were about six million calories. It is okay.

IMG_0106 IMG_0108



Nachos, Mojitos, Margs and friends. Perfection.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. (I just seriously thought it was Tuesday for a second. Obviously pretty out of it.) I also hope to see some new friends on my instagram later?



Meet my new best friend. A couture dress by Jovani. Not sure for what but I need it.


Weekend Shenanigans.

Want to hear a secret? Of course you do, everyone loves secrets. Anyways, when I have had one or two  three or four adult beverages, my friends tend to call me “Shenanigans.” As you can imagine I can sometimes get myself into interesting situations, never trouble, but who does’t like to have fun? This weekend doesn’t really contain drunken tricks though. Sorry to disappoint.

Moving on.

Saturday my parents and I went to the Pops to see their Christmas show. For those of you not from Boston, they are a symphony orchestra accompanied by an adult choir. Basically for two hours you sit and listen to all of your holiday favorites. Yes please. The only issue is I always have choreography dancing through my head, therefore there isn’t much relaxing and listening, as much as twitching and listening. Sorry not sorry. On the same page, apparently Dad’s don’t like it when you ignore their phone calls because the choreography in your head is just too good to be interrupted. I’m not sorry about that either. Anyways a few pictures from Saturday

Boston Pops IMG_4234


Okay the first is of a Red Sox pitcher from the 2007 World Series team, Hideki Okajima, doing his best to conduct the orchestra. For those of you wondering- yes, the Sox have won three titles in 9 years. To the right, a picture of the crazy snow storm outside the window of my favorite restaurant on the harbor. That picture is awful but when Santa brings me my new iPhone 5S for Christmas I will be equipped to provide you with much better pictures.

Sunday I attended a cute production of the Nutcracker. While the production itself was small and somewhat unorganized it was definitely endearing and the kids definitely worked hard for the end result. Besides, some of the mishaps were the best part! My outfit for this shindig was actually my favorite part, I broke the rules of fashion and wore white jeans. I’m obviously a rebel, duh.

IMG_4239 IMG_4251


I was going for the J.crew model look. Success? Probably not but a girl can dream. The bottom picture was my first ever selfie posted to instagram. So.damn. scary. If you would like to be my friend on Instagram and make my Christmas- @smurphy58. Possibly twitter and make me even happier? @pearls_sass. All are welcome, but really.

Alright and finally we are left with today, Monday. I know not really the weekend but work with me here. I would like to introduce you all to the little man who has completely and totally stolen my heart, CJ.



Try to tell me he isn’t the most precious baby you have ever laid eyes on and I will tell you you’re the biggest liar ever. I met him today and fell head over heels in love. I should mention that on my first attempt to meet him I texted my cousin and received “This is the wrong number but thanks for calling my children adorable hahaha.” AWKWARD. I couldn’t make this shit up people. These are just the unfortunate events that plague spice up my life.

This was my weekend. Tonight? Tea and both The Santa Clause 1 & 2. Anyone else think Charlie is awkwardly old in the second one and Lucy is too old to be a new character? Whatever, these are some of my favorites and that isn’t going to change.