Johnny Boychuk

Weekend Shenanigans.

My weekend shenanigans are mostly about my St.Patrick’s Day shenanigans because I mean hello, freckles! Obviously a huge St.Patrick’s day fan. However Saturday and Sunday I spent most of at a dance competition watching the girls I used to dance with when I was in high school. I mean sure, they were munchkins then and now they’re beautiful ballerinas but that’s neither here nor there.

The girls were incredible and gave me chills watching them. I would give organs to be able to compete again. I know it’s typical to say a body part but those are necessary for dancing, duh. I’m thinking a kidney and maybe my spleen. Those were the best days of my life. A little back story- I started dancing when I was two and competing when I was eight. A family friends daughter, Joan, was a senior my first year on company and was so good to me. I may or may not have been the MOST nervous kid ever but she made it better by sneaking me candy backstage.

Fast forward to 2014 and Joan and I still have a relationship. I attended her wedding two summers ago, nanny her little cousins and now will be playing with HER new baby girl! As a current teacher at the studio Joan chose to tell the girls before they went on stage and tape it. As the girls lined up in their costumes like they have so many times before Joan started her video and said “Ready Girls? Smile and on the count of 3 say “Miss Joan is Pregnant!” A couple seconds of quiet confusion turned into screams and tears. I feel so lucky to have been there for that moment! Here was my failed attempt at capturing the surprised expressions.



Moving onto St.Patricks Day! I spent St.Patricks Day at the Garden watching my two favorite hockey teams go head to head. This was emotionally draining let me tell you. Who do you root for? I’m a Boston girl at heart, love everything about every Boston team but I was wearing Minnesota Wild gear supporting my cousins boyfriend.Bruin’s scored and I would have a moment of “Ugh! again?” followed by a “What are you doing? You love the Bruins too. No, you love the Bruins more!” What a struggle.

To get to the game the family and I took a limo in, had a little bit too much to drink and laughed enough to have my back a little sore the next day. All things that had me feeling like I was on cloud 9! My family really does make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Particularly when we are flirting with bouncers to let us in a packed bar just to use the bathroom so that we can finish our drinks in the limo before entering the game. Any comedy you’re imagining right now is probably on par with what actually happened.

After the game we ventured downstairs to see Charlie before he had to hop on a flight to New York where he would be playing the next night. That was nice but I mean, I see Charlie on Christmas and birthdays. The best part was seeing all of the Bruins stroll by in their fancy pants suits looking like a million bucks. Johnny Boychuk limped by Β me on his injured knee offering a small smile and that my friends, is the beginning of our love affair.

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